F.I.S.T Combat “Dirty Ron’s Birthday Bash” July 8, 2017 – Review

Dirty Ron’s Birthday was at its new location at the Kensington Club in San Diego. This was a different environment, with red booth seats, chairs on the stage and standing room only for the rest. The venue was hot, and there was a pretty hot crowd in attendance, which made it even hotter. Drinks were pretty cheap too, which helped. There were two comedy acts that started it off, but the reaction was pretty mixed.

Dirty Ron came out banging on a ladder and he thanks everyone for coming out but wants drugs instead of presents. This year has been the best year of his life and he’s going to beat the shit out of Chip Law. The crowd immediately started a “fuck that pig” chant. Dirty Ron also said he’d fuck one of the ladies in the audience, and also do all the drugs. Chip Law blindsides him and the hit him with a ball shot. Chip also mentioned he’s going to write him a ticket for being a dirty bitch. Chip then proceeds to staple the ticket to Dirty Ron’s Forehead.  This was even before the first match started. Fine is life in prison for the offense, according to the Law of Chip.


Rocket Boy Wilson vs. Donnie Suarez vs. Biagio Crescenzo

At the start of this match Biagio and Donnie started to double team Rocket Boy as much as possible, with an early discus forearm kick combo. This match got interrupted a few minutes in by The Vegan Superman, who came out and interfered, making this a no contest. Eli Everfly then came out and asked for and then got his match to be a five way, figuring it gave Vegan more of the possibility of losing his title. This then turned the main event into a fatal five way match for the championship.

Human Tornado vs. C-Love

This match started off with a pimp slap by Tornado. He really pushed the pace in this one after a slower build with some arm bars turning into a chop fest between the two. Tornado had a bronco buster onto the ropes which was a cool variation. He then did a nice looking choke with his leg. C-Love reversed this and got in some punches, a snap mare and good lariat. Match wasn’t super long, Tornado got his dance in the corner, nailed C-Love in the groin and finishes him off with a hesitation dropkick in the corner for three. The match started off slow, and Tornado seemed the aggressor in this and controlled most of the match. Saw some good moves and such by Tornado and C-Love looked decent for what he could get in there.

True Grit vs. Azrael and Angel Ateau

Azrael came out talking shit to everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY. Some of the stuff he said almost made no sense like “Castlevania on Netflix SUCKS!” I mean I get why he doesn’t like the show, he’s a vampire. But he’s also a vampire with no taste, that show is excellent. True Grit came out to a big pop, loudest one of the night so far. As soon as True Grit entered the ring, all hell broke loose with everyone in the ring. Jesse hit a nice splash in the corner, the poor ladder got abused in this one. One notable move was Jesse slamming Angel early on the ladder that nearly bent it in half.

Hoss was dropping people with package piledrivers on the stage, and eventually the floor. Azrael dropped Jesse with a tornado DDT.  Angel got a couple splashes in as well in the corner. Jesse nailed a solid suplex and then True Grit nailed both in the corners with splashes, followed by stereo lariats for the win. Overall this was a good match team OCCW just couldn’t hang with True Grit, even though they did make it a contest at times. Fun match, with it being all over the venue, and moves were being thrown everywhere for a hard hitting affair.

Dirty Ron McDonald vs. Officer Chip Law

Interesting setup from the action before, fans bring the weapons. This time however, Dirty Ron ambushed Chip and basically put his dick in his face and then nailed him with a nice German suplex. A bag of coke was grabbed and he threw it in Chip’s face, then proceed to snort a line off Chip’s back. This must’ve gave Ron some energy, as he then did a springboard elbow off the ropes. Chip wasn’t done however and hit Ron with a ball shot, then started choking him with a chair. Chip then nailed Ron with a stiff as hell chair shot right in the head. Chip then sat him on the chair, leapt across the apron and slapped Dirty Ron. Next weapon up is a curtain rod, which is used to choke Ron.

Ron fought back however and a fan handed him a box of donuts. Ron then used the same chair to back body drop Chip into it, wrecking it in the process. Ron then stapled the donut box to Chip’s head as revenge. A fan gave Ron a birthday cake, so he climbed the ropes and then hit Chip with it. Chip hit another low blow ball shot to Ron, but when he’s getting into his spot, he slipped on the mess of a cake on the ground and fell, headbutting Ron in the balls again. Chip then whip creamed Ron and started whipping him with a belt. Ron asked him if that’s all he’s got, and took about five or six lashes. Chip grabbed a real guitar (not one of those fake ass JJ ones) and tried hitting Ron with it but he then reversed it and hit Chip square in the head with it. The noise was sorta sickening from the thud. The guitar broke in the back, but that was about it.

Chip then grabbed a bag of tacks, but Ron stole it from him and started pouring…and pouring….it seemed like the bag would never stop pouring tacks. (I was told later it was 10,000) Ron got wacked and got splashed by chip. At this point, there were tacks sticking out of both guys. Chip and Ron then started throwing tacks at each other. This ended up with a suplex on Chip and a really good looking elbow drop off the top by Ron to finish it.

This was a better than expected match, lots of fun and intensity. Chip (Aaron Garvey) seemed much more natural and had some good stuff in this. Dirty Ron looked good, the elbow drop was picture perfect. The setup early really made this match feel special even though it was brutal; it was funny too. I’m not sure if Ron or Chip are ready for another match up anytime soon, but I’d pay to see it.

Ruby Raze vs. B-Boy for the FIST World Heavyweight Championship

Ruby came out first to a large pop. B-Boy came out to his music with that killer mask he’s been wearing lately. Jesse and Hoss then came out afterwards, mentioning a bet they made earlier. Jesse had B-Boy and Hoss picked Raze, with 50 bucks on the line. Ruby won the initial lockup, Jesse started fanning B-Boy with his hat after he bailed outside. He then tried a shoulder tackle and got flattened by the Brick Wall that is Raze. Changing tactics, B-Boy then went for a test of strength and then immediately kicked Raze in the stomach when she went for it, and then chopped her loudly. Ruby turned this around and went outside the ring to deliver her rising knee onto a prone B-Boy on the apron. While Hoss was telling Ruby to hit him harder, she went to spear B-Boy in the corner and hit the post. Shortly after this was a suplex to the concrete floor by B-Boy, which hurt just hearing the impact. Ruby looked in great shape for this match, even after all the abuse she took from B-Boy. She had a nice spinning inziguri, and also had a nice looking samoan drop. B-Boy was brutal in this match. He nailed Ruby with a fireman’s carry sit out michinoku driver that was impressive, along with a slick shining wizard.

He probably went too far with giving Ruby a handful of crotch-hand, as he put his hands down his pants and rubs that hand all over her face. Enraged, Ruby nailed him with a sit-out powerbomb that shook the ring. Jesse and Hoss started arguing during the match and almost got into a fight with each other. Ruby nailed B-Boy with three belly-to-back suplexes to become the new FIST champion! The crowd goes pretty nuts here, as this was something that wasn’t really expected from the crowd. I did hear a few people before the match saying, if any woman can do it, it’s Ruby Raze. Well, those fans were right. Ruby went to shake B-Boy’s hand and he refused to shake and attacked her instead. True Grit made the save, and appeared to have mended their fences.

Great match, Ruby showed well in this and B-Boy did not relent and hit her with everything he had. Entertaining, and probably match of the night.

FCW XRT Championship match Fatal Five Way.
Vegan Superman vs. Rocketboy Wilson vs. Eli Everfly vs. Donnie Suarez vs. Biagio Crescenzo (With L.O.V.E )

This match was nuts. People were hitting each other with ladders, and pretty much anything else they could get their hands on. Each competitor had a chance at this, but it seemed like L.O.V.E kept things to the Vegan Superman’s advantage. His entourage, consisting of the Amazon sized Lois Grain and the “Gotchzilla” Mike Gotch. There were plenty of slams onto the ladder, chairs and everything else you can find. The interference was too much for the rest of the competitors to handle, especially when Vegan’s out there doing springboard nut shots on people. Lois Grain nailed a chokeslam. Gotch got involved a few times, and nailed two guys at once with a double chokeslam. Finally, the Vegan took it with three low blows. This was a fun chaotic match, the added help for Vegan threw a wrench into Eli’s plan to get his title back. All the competitors looked good and took some painful bumps. This match was top 3 for the night.

Mikey, the promoter, came out and started giving a verbal beatdown to the Vegan one. You know you must have done something to piss off the owner of a no-holds-barred, no DQ promotion with your shenanigans. He said something to the effect, “It’s real easy with your finisher and those two giants watching your back”

Final Thoughts: I thought this was a good debut for the location. The wrestling as per usual is the most adult show in Southern California, and the competition is not even close. The hardcore match and championship matches were exciting to watch. It seems that the promotion is really starting to get a feel for who they are and are starting to get into a groove. I don’t believe I’ve ever been to FIST and have not felt entertained. The shows are crazy, the crowds are really into it, and there’s always some sort of surprise or shock that happens at these shows. The next show is a tag team tournament at the Kensington Club August 11th. Bring your wife, bring your friend, bring your girlfriend, but don’t bring your kids.

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  1. Mary Ellen Richardson | 07/12/2017 at 12:44 PM |

    Another great review JR… this was one of Dirty Ron’s finest moments. Had a great time!

  2. Feel like I was at the show, great review!!

  3. Debbie Thomas | 07/13/2017 at 11:18 AM |

    This is one of the best reviews I ever seen you do, JR. So descriptive that if you weren’t there, you would feel as if you were. Great job! And thank you so much!! I enjoyed every minute of this show. Thanks for bringing me along. As usual, a GREAT TIME!!! Loved it!

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