The Trinity Wrestling 6/10 preview

The Trinity is running their next show this Saturday at 5:00 pm at the House of Grace church in Whittier. This location has a great setup in that it’s on the second floor in a gym, so the impact can be felt literally with every slam on the mat. Due to the setting, it’s a more family friendly show with better than average food and a fun atmosphere. Ruben has put together a solid card, even managing to get himself into one heck of a four way match (which he may regret later). Let’s take a look at what he threw together for this thing.

1- Main event: Mirror Image Ricky Mandel vs. SoCal Crazy

The Main Event shows two wrestlers that are well known in the area, and have established themselves as players in the scene. SoCal Crazy is a veteran luchador that has held titles in many companies in the area, currently the light heavyweight championship at AWS. He also sells some pretty cool merch. SoCal has championship pedigree, but Ricky is also a champion at Mav Pro so he knows about successfully defending a title as well. Ricky has shown up recently as one of the Worldwide Underground members, helping Johnny Mundo the last few weeks retain his title. He’s also been a mainstay on CWFH challenging for belts. My interest in this match will be if Ricky can use his technical skills and power to overcome SoCal’s quickness, movement and high flying abilities.

2- Four way Elimination: Sea Bass vs. The Vegan Superman Jorel Diez vs. Ruben Iglesias vs. Delirious

Sea Bass is an entertaining performer, but the guy can also wrestle with pretty much anybody. There hasn’t been a match where I haven’t been entertained, amused or impressed.  The Vegan Superman has been on a tear lately, shocking the FCW world with his XRT championship win last weekend. I honestly believe this is one of his better runs in years.  Ruben has wrestled all over the place for several promotions, most recently making his debut for SoCal Pro. I’m hoping he can keep up with the previously mentioned guys as well as Delirious, the final competitor in this elimination match. If you haven’t seen Delirious, then Google him. You’ll see some of the craziest stuff in the ring, but you’ll also see a gifted wrestler who also happens to work behind the scenes at ROH, one of the biggest independent companies in the world. This is a treat because he never wrestles here in SoCal. If you missed Delirious at FIST the night prior, this might be your only chance to catch him live.

3- Ballard Brothers vs. True Grit 

The Ballard Brothers have recently gotten back together, marking their return by winning the SoCal Pro Tag team titles recently. This team is nearly at Legend status, considering they have been doing this for the last 20 years. Their major issue in this match is that they are fighting one of the hottest tag teams in the area. True Grit has really made their mark with their size, look and wrestling ability. These two are such throwbacks, reminding me of more athletic versions of JBL and Stan Hansen, but with a much larger move set. I know the Ballards will have to get some opportunities to knock the team of True Grit down to size, as a straight fist fight will most likely not go in their favor.

4- Pinky vs. Hunter Freeman

Hunter Freeman was a late add to this match. He’s been known as one half of PBR for quite some time but is now entering the singles scene. This will be interesting to see how he matches up with the “Emo Behemoth” Pinky in what should be a brutal, hard hitting match. The matchup should be good, watching Freeman try to not get choked to sleep, get manhandled or powerbombed through the floor. Freeman’s got a solid skill set, so I’m pretty sure he’ll hold his own.

5- Hector Canales vs. Sean Black

Hector has been solid, has a great physical look and has shown an aggressive streak lately that I’ve really liked. Sean Black is an athletic, big man that does an impressive standing moonsault at 300 lbs. I’m really into how Hector is going to combat the size and athleticism of Black, and see if that aggressive side he’s brought out lately will emerge in this match. I haven’t seen a ton of Hector in the last few months, (he’s been working, though) but I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen from him when I’ve had the chance. Sean Black will impress you one way or another, simply because of his athleticism, his presence and his size.

6- 6 man tag match: Lucas Riley, Steven Andrews and Rikki De La Paz vs. Brian Jace, Azreal and Mike Gotch

This tag match should be a nonstop affair. I’m familiar with most of these guys, having seen Lucas Riley tear it up in several places (so good for his age). Steven Andrews “The High Flying Sensation” has been working in EWF and AOW lately, and has been impressing with his moves near the desert. I don’t get a lot of chances to see either of these promotions due to my schedule, but his tape has been good and he impressed the last time I saw him at Ruben’s Show. Rikki De La Paz is someone that I’ve only seen once before at the previous show, and was pretty solid when I saw him.

Brian Jace moves really well for a big man. He’s been called Vader Jr a few times at shows I’ve been at. Azrael, with his southern vampire gimmick has looked really smooth and crisp in the ring the last few months; he’s really upped his game lately. This would also explain why I’ve been seeing him work everywhere, too. Mike Gotch is a really fresh talent, but has size and has shown some sparks here and there of what he can become. I believe he’s been called “Gotchzilla”.

I’m hoping this match is a sprint from start to finish, but even if it’s not it should still be a hard hitting, fun match regardless. I’m looking forward to a few of these gentlemen getting their ass kicked, and see some wrestling in between those spots.

7- Uptown Andy Brown vs. Jarek 1:20

Andy Brown has been wrestling all over the place the last few months, and it shows. He’s been really breaking out this year as a performer. He’s been a champion at EWF for a year, teaming up with Adrian Quest as one of the better tag teams in the area, and is an explosive wrestler to watch in the ring. Jarek has been working all over the scene, and can be seen on television wrestling for CWFH. He’ll have plenty of tricks up his sleeve working his magician gimmick and throwing in solid technical wrestling. As quoted “Professional Wrestling’s only legitimate illusionist, hypnotist and escape artist” Jarek has been working on the east coast lately, so it should be a nice return for him.

The House of Grace Church is located at  12222 Philadelphia St,., Whittier, CA.
Tickets are $15 for adults, $5 for kids 13 years and under.

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  1. JR Richardson | 06/09/2017 at 2:48 PM |

    This was from Ruben earlier today, Hopefully we can update the post.

    Due to circumstances beyond my control the location for tomorrow’s event has been changed. The event will take place at House of Grace Church- 12222 Philadelphia st, Whittier 90601.

    This is less than a mile away from the original location and this will be an outdoor event. Time in price for remain the same as as well as food snacks and merchandise will be available. Again I am sorry for this inconvenience but the show will still be happening and it will still be a great time for everyone. Thank you

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