FIST Combat’s Summer Sizzle 6/9 preview

There is going to be a show in Barrio Logan that will be unlike any other wrestling show in the area. FIST Combat has been quickly making a name for themselves in the San Diego area, with their blend of comedy, hot crowds and wrestlers you normally don’t see in other promotions. This should be the biggest show FIST promoter Mikey Gordon has produced so far for his promotion. There are three matches that I’m going to take a look at for this show, which all look intriguing.

El Snowflake (Human Tornado) vs. Kikutaro

This will be a fun experience. Both wrestlers have a ton of experience, can wrestle and can do comedy style matches. I think this match is made for this show. El Snowflake has mentioned on recent podcasts that the slaps are not going to stop in this one. Kikutaro should feel like the chains are also off for this match. Given the atmosphere, and the types of wrestlers these two are, this should be a funny, exciting affair. I watched these two at a show a month or so back, but I feel they could have an unforgettable match here considering the environment that they will wrestle in.

The New Age Punisher B-Boy (c) vs. The “King of Sleaze” Joey Ryan in a 6/9 Street Fight

The New Age Punisher has been turning up his intensity the last few weeks, punishing people in every match he’s been in. He recently scored a KO win over JT Dunn last week that was an impressive victory. I’m expecting this match to be crazy as a street fight. Joey Ryan was made for FIST Combat; I’m just not sure if he’s ready for this version of the New Age Punisher though. Will Joey’s testicular fortitude as the King of Dong Style be enough? This match will be sleazy, vicious and fun. Both of these wrestlers are experienced, have wrestled for some of the greatest promotions across the country, and both will be throwing down in a street fight in a crazy environment.

Dirty Ron McDonald (c) vs. Delirious for the GET FIST’d TV Title

Two of the most outrageous wrestlers out there meet for a championship match. This has “gold” written all over it. Dirty Ron is one of the crudest wrestlers in the area and is the straw that stirs the drink for outrageousness at FIST Combat. Delirious has quite the history for antics as well (don’t mind that he’s the head booker and head trainer for ROH among other things) and his style seems made for this promotion too. I’m hoping this match goes for a while as I’ve seen stuff online on Delirious but have never seen him wrestle live before. Dirty Ron is always a fun watch, and to see him go against someone as crazy as Delirious is should be a real treat.


There will be plenty more matches to see on this card as well, but I wanted to highlight these three as must-go reasons. This is FIST’s biggest show so far this year. This is really a can’t-miss opportunity for many reasons. They have a meet and greet for the fans before the show and the seminar is a must for workers who want to be seen by one of the higher ups at one of the largest independent promotions in the world. The setting for FIST is wild also, with a more adult atmosphere than any other promotion in SoCal. SCU’s Steve Bryant mentioned that there hasn’t been a show where he wasn’t entertained. I am in total agreement with him, as FIST brings something truly unique to the table each time out. With a super card like this and the wrestlers involved, it should be their biggest show yet. If you haven’t checked out FIST combat yet, this might be one of the best shows to catch.

FIST Combat’s Summer Sizzle takes place on June 9, 2017 at The Don Diego VFW Post 7420 in San Diego, CA at 8:30 PM.

‘I Quit Match’ for the GET FIST’d TV Title
Dirty’ Ron McDonald (c) vs Delirious

6/9 Street Fight for the FIST Combat Title
B-Boy (c) vs Joey Ryan

Kikutaro vs Human Tornado

The Classic Connection vs True Grit

FCW XRT Championship
The Vegan Superman (c) vs SoCal Crazy

Eli Everfly vs “Rocketboy” DMarco Wilson

Scramble match with participants in the Delirious seminar before the show.

Tickets available at

The Don Diego VFW Post 7420 is located at 2100 Logan Ave, San Diego, CA 92113.


Seminar Link:


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