Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Episode 312 Review

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On this week’s Championship Wrestling From Hollywood, Tyler Bateman and Ryan Taylor have a really good main event. Click for the review. Now.

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The show starts off with Katie Maddox interviewing Ryan Taylor and Dicky Mayer. Ryan talked about how he respected Dicky, and I guess he’s gonna try to do some mentor angle. God I hope Dicky doesn’t end up doing the same stupid gimmick Ryan Taylor is doing. After the promo we see the outdated intro. Goddamn that shit needs to change. What a boring way to start the show.

United Wrestling Network Tag Team Championship: Pac 3 (Dylan Bostic & Dan Joseph w/ Coach Flexo) (c) vs. Eric Watts & Ty Matthews

So this was a random ass title match with no build. As I’ve said numerous times before, this show is really awful at building up matches. The story was simple, Watts was mad about losing the tag team titles. This match was something the promotion should’ve saved for a later time. Instead, they hot shot it on a random episode. The match started off with Watts overpowering the Pac 3, and the Pac 3 trying to use antics to get the upper hand but failing. Watts did a tope con giro, and Matthews didn’t look terrible in this as he had some decent offense. The Pac 3 won after Flexo distracted the referee when Ty Matthews was about to pin Dylan Bostic, which allowed Bostic to recover, hit Matthews in the crotch, and hit his finishing move for the victory. This was ok, but nothing special.

Post match shenanigans: Grant interviews Watts and Matthews at ringside. Matthews and Watts cut a promo about Watts winning the Red Carpet Rumble. After this, we get another smut commercial.

Red Carpet Rumble #30 Spot Fatal Four Way Qualifier Match: Ray Rosas vs. Johnny Yuma – Special Guest Referee: Kevin Condron (Jervis Cottonbelly)

So this was another match that needed an explanation and some build up, but didn’t. Why was Condron the referee in this match? Maybe it was because Ray Rosas was involved in a forgotten feud with Peter Avalon, or he has an issue with Yuma we didn’t know about. Either way, he was an unneeded part of the match and brought nothing to the table. Ray did the impossible and carried Yuma to a watchable match. When this match started I was worried about Yuma booking himself to go over. Thankfully he didn’t go over. Ray hit a Fireman’s Carry into a Neckbreaker on the knee (like Tye Dillinger’s Tye Breaker) for the win. The announcers tried to make it seem like Ray got the win cause of Condron getting in Yuma’s way, but it looked nothing like that.

Ron Mathis vs. Tito Escondido

Peter Avalon was on commentary for this match. Mathis was continuing the invasion of irrelevant promotions of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. So far, none of the invaders have won a match in CWFH. The story centered around Tito having a better showing against Mathis than Peter did last week. They had a basic heavyweight match, with Mathis (who had a mid-match heel turn from out of nowhere) working over Tito’s knee before Tito made a comeback. Tito got the win after hitting the Fade To Black on Mathis. This was okay at best in terms of match quality, but it really did more to advance the angle between Avalon and Tito. Another defeat for the invading irrelevant indy guys.

Post match shenanigans: Tito walked up to Peter at the commentary table, and faked him with a punch that caused Peter to flinch and flip out a bit. After a commercial, there was an ad for Justin Roberts’ book. I heard he writes about getting bullied by JBL and that it wasn’t interesting. I hope I saved you all some money. He’s signing copies of the book at the Red Carpet Rumble. Meh.

Red Carpet Rumble #30 Spot Fatal Four Way Qualifier Match: Tyler Bateman vs. Ryan Taylor (w/ Dicky Mayer)

This match was like a compressed version of their AWS match back in March. Lots of technical and chain wrestling sequences and mat work here. The pacing of the match was pretty good and the action was put together really well. Bateman went for a Death From Above and was countered by Ryan Taylor with a Triangle Choke that he transitioned into an Armbar. Bateman got the win after hitting Death From Above. I really think he could use a better finishing move. I mean, a Hammerfist/Elbow is about as legitimate of a wrestling finisher you could have, but it doesn’t really work in a pro wrestling environment. I’ve seen Bateman use a Tombstone Piledriver before and I think that would be a better finish for him. This was still a really good match and I recommend it.

Post match shenanigans: Oliver Grimsly came out and had a stare down with Bateman while he was in the ring to build up their issue as Dicky Mayer checked on Ryan Taylor inside the ring. The episode ends with Bateman walking behind Oliver Grimsly to the back, which the announcers didn’t really acknowledge or sell.

Final Thoughts

The booking of CWFH continues to be utter shit, but the wrestling was fine. The tag team title match and main event were both fun to watch. Again, the booking of the show sucks, but the wrestling is fine. I recommend giving the Bateman/Taylor match a watch.

Don’t just take my word for it. Check it out on the Fite TV app and decide for yourself.

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