OCCW – 22 April 2017 – Results

Rudy Rodgers defeated Angel Ateu in the Main Event to become the New OCCW Champion. For full results continue down the post:

Orange County Championship Wrestling
Cage Match
American Legion
April 22nd, 2017
Los Alamitos, Ca

Heidi def Luis Tapia

Sean Black def Seabas & Fabulous Freddy Flores.

Mikey O’Shea def Azreal

OCCW Tag-Team Championship:
Divine Intervention (Soul & Hellmuth) def Party Time (Guy Cool & Jay Baker)to become the new OCCW Tag-Team champions.

Tony Raze def King Favi.. Pinky came to the ring to attack Favi but turned around and attacked Tony Raze.

Main Event-OCCW Championship:
Rudy Rodgers def Angel Ateu to become the NEW OCCW Champion.

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  1. Pinky should be in against Ryan Kidd, Jungleboy or Adrian Quest. Also, any of the w/Elijah in a handicap match versus Pinky.What was the attendance?

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