Tales from the Vault – March 2017

In this month’s journey through the SCU archives we look back at interviews with Douglas James and Brian Kendrick, Kevin Steen regaining the PWG title, and the fifth anniversary of AWS. Click to take a look through the vault.

One Year Ago

I had a chance to talk to Douglas James, who had just won the 2015 Southern California rookie of the year award. We talked about why he got into wrestling, his feud with Danny Limelight, and his love for pizza among other things.

Douglas James interview

Five Years Ago

Kevin Steen recaptured the PWG World title when he defeated El Generico and Eddie Edwards in a triple threat match at PWG’s World’s Finest. Chad was there and wrote a Chaos Column recap.

PWG’s Worlds Finest Recap Mar. 17th

Ten Years Ago

This month will see the fifteenth anniversary of the Alternative Wrestling Show. Ten years ago AWS was a member of the NWA along with quite a few other Southern California promotions. So much so that the NWA had their own semi regular report here on SCU. Ten years ago AWS’s fifth anniversary show was previewed.

NWA Pro presents AWS 5-Year Anniversary Preview

Fifteen Years Ago

Brian Kendrick has been interviewed a few times on SCU (and to tie this into another story from this month’s vault, he is one of Douglas James’ trainers), but back in March 2002 he had just recently moved to the area. Travis Gray talked with him in his first interview with SCU.

Spanky (Brian Kendrick) interview

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