Championship Wrestling From Hollywood: Episode 293 Review

After last week’s good episode of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood, I was interested in seeing how they follow that up. Are they gonna have something good? Or will be revert back to something shitty? This week, Scorpio Sky takes on Ryan Kidd, some PP3 Cup qualifying matches, and a pointless tag match.

We start off with the announcers and one of the fake Marquez kids talking about the PP3 Cup qualifying matches starting on this episode. This had the energy of a Jumping Jeff Farmer promo.

Ryan Kidd vs. Scorpio Sky

I was really looking forward to this match as I expected it to be good, while some racist perverted fuck in Buffalo, NY was looking forward to this for disturbing reasons. The match started off with a very slow pace with a bunch of chain wrestling. The slow pacing early on had me thinking this match was going to get a good amount of time, especially since there was a commercial break five minutes into the match. There was another commercial for Live Links. I thought this shit was a family show? After the break, Sky was working over Ryan Kidd’s back. Kidd started to mount a comeback and the pace picked up a bit. Sky picked up the win after hitting the Ace Of Spades. Uncle Paul in Buffalo won’t be happy about this one for several reasons. This was pretty good. It was built up well and the action was very solid. My only complaint was that this match should’ve been last, as it had the feel of a main event match.

Post match shenanigans: Tyler Bateman walked out to ringside and had a stare down with Sky to build up an eventual match between them. This was a good use of TV time. I can’t really shit on this segment at all. After a commercial break, Toasterdork Grant yells at the audience. He’s very intolerable. Tito Escondido is with him and thankfully cuts his ass off. Grant says Tito is facing a CZW guy soon. I hope it’s Z-Barr or Niles Young.

PP3 Cup Qualifier – Fatal Four Way Match: Eric Watts (w/ Ty Matthews) vs. D’Marco Wilson vs. Jace Battle vs. Guy Cool

So all the babyfaces attacked Watts to start the match. After he was tossed out of the ring, the babyfaces had a fun little sequence, which included a cool moonsault from Jace Battle. Guy Cool also had a solid showing here and hit some cool spots. Watts stayed outside for most of the match until D’Marco Wilson hit a dive to the outside onto Jace and Guy Cool. He beat up on D’Marco Wilson, and hit his finisher inside the ring to qualify for the PP3 Cup tournament. This was a good match. The pacing of the matches on this episode of CWFH has been much better. A year ago this show would’ve had shitty squash matches with guys who have really lame gimmicks and add nothing to the show. Now it seems like CWFH is actually trying to book decent workers.

The Classic Connection (Levi Shapiro & Buddy Royal) vs. Ichi & Ni

Sadly, I seem to have spoken way too soon. This show as going pretty good up to this point. The story of this was that Devin Sparks in Japan, and the Classic Connection were running around with the retired version of Heritage Tag Team Championship, which was being defended in this match. What a fucking waste of time this match was. Classic Connection won, and nobody gave a fuck. What a waste of time this was. Watch this match with Eli Everfly & Lucas Riley taking on True Grit (Jesse James & Hoss Hogg) at a birthday party show at the Santino Brothers school. It’s a fun match. These are the sort of matches Championship Wrestling From Hollywood needs. Fun sprints that get the crowd going, not boring ass segments. Also, what the fuck happened to Douglas James and Mike Camden? Why aren’t on these shows anymore? They would add quality matches to these shows, but instead the audience gets lame ass segments like this that do nothing for anyone.

Post match shenanigans: The Classic Connection cut a lame ass promo. It was your usual cliche wannabe “old school” style bullshit. This show was going so good, and then boom, it was ruined by this shitty segment that will mean nothing in the long run. After a commercial. we get a promo with Joshua Shibata who is with B-Boy. This was B-Boy’s debut segment in CWFH. This was a pretty terrible way to debut B-Boy, especially since the promo was cut off early.

PP3 Cup Qualifier – Fatal Four Way Match The Hobo vs. Suede Thompson vs. Astro Viajero vs. DJ Hyde

Much like the first qualifier match, the babyfaces went after the big heel DJ Hyde, who was literally buried by John Zandig in his parents’ backyard, and then had sequences against each other when he was down. Astro Viajero, who is Adrian Quest under a mask, was very impressive here. The DEEJ waddled around and was the laziest base for Viajero and Thompson. Seriously, DEEJ moved around like a slug in there, and him being in control of things made for a boring match. After a commercial break, DEEJ was still in control for a bit, then the others went at it/ Suede hit a double Tree of Woe Double Stomp on Hobo and Viajero which was sorta cool. DEEJ hit a swinging side slam on Thompson. Finish saw Suede Thompson catch Astro Viajero on a springboard move attempt into a Go2Sleep for the win. The match was pretty uninteresting overall cause of the DEEJ, but the finish was decent.

Final Thoughts

The first half of this episode was very good. Sky/Kidd, despite it being a main event style match being put in the opener, was fun. There was good build up to an eventual match between Sky and Tyler Bateman at the end of Sky’s match too. The first four way match was better than the main event. The first four way did a good job showcasing Jace Battle, Guy Cool, and D’Marco Wilson while also keeping Watts limited to what he’s good at. The tag match sucked and was a waste of time. B-Boy’s debut could’ve beenw  The main event was pretty boring for the most part, but it had some decent moments. I really think Sky/Kidd should’ve been the main event so that the show would’ve had a better pace to it. Like I said, the first half was good, but everything after was just all downhill from there.

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