Tales from the Vault – January 2017

This month we take a look back at PCW’s debut, the end of a San Diego mainstay, the start of San Diego’s longest running promotion, and highs and lows from MPW’s “Elements.” Click to take a look through the vault.

One Year Ago

Pacific Coast Wrestling, who has quickly become one of the biggest promotions in Southern California, held their debut show, “Release the Kraken.”

[Results] PCW “Release the Kraken” on January 9th 2016

Five Years Ago

One of the promotions that was responsible for helping to turn around and stabilize the San Diego wrestling scene, New Wave Pro Wrestling, announced that it would be shutting its doors. Here is their statement on why they are closing down.

Official New Wave Pro Wrestling Statement

Ten Years Ago

Keeping with wrestling in San Diego, SoCal Pro, who is the longest running indy promotion in San Diego’s history, made the announcement that they are starting up. They also announced their debut show that featured such wrestlers as The Young Bucks, the Ballard Bros., Al Katrazz, and Jason Redondo.

SCP: SoCal Pro Wrestling Debut Event!

Fifteen Years Ago

MPW ran their show “Elements” which featured a match between Brian Kendrick (as Spanky) and Super Dragon and B-Boy and Samoa Joe facing off. Scrub ran down his highs and lows from the show.

Scrub’s View #7 – MPW “Elements” Review

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