Announcements for H.A.T.E’s debut event “You Can’t Sit With Us” this Saturday night in East LA

This Saturday night in East Los Angeles, H.A.T.E presents their very first show “You Can’t Sit With Us” at the Underground Auditorium. New matches and a special guest host and M.C. for the event have been announced.

Current AWS Heavyweight Champion and H.A.T.E member “The Gawd Damn Man” Tyler Bateman will be competing in singles action against “Jungle Boy” Nate Coy. H.A.T.E released the following statement about the match on their Facebook page.

What can be said about Tyler Bateman that hasn’t already been said. Underrated? Underutilized? Undervalued? Bateman is a gem of a talent whose brand of wrestling is the personification of unlimited violence. A young new comer to the scene Nate Coy looks to show the scene that he is a future player. A hot young flyer who’s been tearing it up in the underground Coy looks forward to having a breakout performance. Come and witness the clash between “The Gawd Damn Man” Tyler Bateman and “The Jungle Boy” Nate Coy. Can Bateman make a man out of the boy???

Yesterday, H.A.T.E announced a tag team match has been booked for this Saturday, as H.A.T.E members “The Emo Behemoth” Pinky and “Pretty” Peter Avalon taking on “Rocket Boy” D’Marco Wilson and the 2015 SoCal Wrestler Of The Year, B-Boy. H.A.T.E released the following statement about the matchon their Facebook page.

We here at H.A.T.E should really be thanking “Rocket Boy” Dmarco Wilson for helping us in our takeover. But he didn’t take too kindly the fact that we made him an unwitting pawn in our master plan. So in an effort to seek revenge and redemption, young Wilson challenged H.A.T.E. To which we responded “Find a partner, Kid. Then we’ll talk.” His reply was merely two words…B. Boy. A local legend, a respected vet and as we like to call him the glass ceiling. A glass ceiling that will shattered because on September 10th, the grizzled vet and young upstart team up to take on H.A.T.E’s “Pretty” Peter Avalon and The Emo Behemoth Pinky in tag team action! Live on HATE presents You Can’t Sit With Us!

In addition to the matches, H.A.T.E announced a special guest host for their debut event “You Can’t Sit With Us” on Saturday night as Mondo Vega will be hosting the event as the M.C. H.A.T.E issued the following statement in regards to Vega’s involvement on the show.

H.A.T.E is group of guys with a common goal and a common ideology in terms of professional wrestling. Kindred spirits if you will. And as the old saying goes, “Misery loves company.” That’s why it is our pleasure to announce as HATE Host and MC for HATE presents You Can’t Sit With Us, the controversial and outspoken Mondo Vega ! He will be unfiltered, uncensored and unleashed live on September 10th!

H.A.T.E’s “You Can’t Sit With Us” is also scheduled to feature H.A.T.E member Ray Rosas facing Mariachi Loco in singles action, H.A.T.E member Rico Dynamite going up against Douglas James, H.A.T.E member Tito Escondido in singles competition against Ryan Kidd, and H.A.T.E member Che Cabrera going one-on-one against Mike Camden. Also, due to popular demand, HATE has also announced that they will be selling official HATE T-shirts for one night only for $20 in limited sizes and quantities on a first-come, first-serve basis.

HATE’s “You Can’t Sit With Us” takes place on September 10th, 2016 at the HATEatorium in East Los Angeles, CA. Tickets are $15 for General Admission, $5 for Kids. Bell time is 8:00PM. For more information, follow HATE on Facebook, the “You Can’t Sit With Us” Facebook event page, or on Twitter @H8TEWrestling.

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