[Recap] Hope Indy Pro on July 30th 2016

Hope Indy Pro
VFW Post 3197
July 30th 2016
Baldwin Park, Ca

Good morning So Cal..Mike Draven back & I’m here to give you the run down of the 2nd Hope Indy Pro event taking place on Saturday July 30th. Your’s truly Mike Draven was the ring announcer for the evening and now onto the action.

The Study Buddies (Chaz Herrera & Darwin Finch) made their way to the ring for the opening contest as Chaz Herrera addressed the shenanigans by Sexy Chino at the previous show which unfortunately caused “The Monster” Othello to come to the ring & chokeslammed poor Chaz as well as others.

As Chaz continue to address the matter, Sexy Chino would again come to ringside & dance for the crowd in which The Study Buddies knew this wasn’t going to end well. Sure enough, Othello made his way to the ring & cleared everyone out as he wanted his hands on Sexy Chino but Lucha Underground star Rey Horus would come for the save as both himself & Sexy Chino escaped the clutches of Othello..for now. As soon as the smoked cleared, The Study Buddies waited for their opponents of the evening..Biggie Biggz & Seiya.

Tag Team Match:
The Study Buddies (Chaz Hererra & Darwin Finch) def Biggie Biggz & Seiya with their Double team finisher on Seiya (Finch with a Death Valley Driver followed by a Flying Headbutt from Hererra) in a fun opening contest.

FCW-LA Women’s Championship Match:
Crystal (w/Seiya) def “The Blood Thirsty Vixen” Marriah Moreno (w/Chaz Hererra) as Crystal hit a Rolling Senton from the second rope on Moreno to successfully retain the championship.

Charming” Biagio Crescenzo def Thunder Wolf

Tag Team Match:
“The Suplex Killa” Damian Smith & Bobby Rios def Shilou Greaves & Ricky the Activist as Rios delivered a “Go To Sleep” finisher on Greaves to get the victory.

Semi Main Event-Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match:
“Jungle Boy” Nate Coy def “Sour” Donnie Suarez, “Rocket Boy” D’Marco Wilson & “The Hardcore Kamikaze” Max X in a very solid match.

Order of Elimination:
1. Max X by Donnie Suarez via pinfall after D’Marco Wilson executed a stomp from the top rope using his skateboard.

2. D’Marco Wilson by Donnie Suarez as Suarez hit Wilson in the back with his skateboard.

3. Donnie Suarez by Nate Coy with a Swinging/Rocking Backstabber Backbreaker

Main Event-2 vs 3 Handicap Match:
Sexy Chino, Amazing Jr & Rey Horus def “The Leader of Anarchy” Steve Pain & “The Monster” Othello as Horus delivered a Hurricarana Pin on Pain for the win for his team…Solid Main event.

There was a decent size crowd for this event this evening along with a lot of neighbors & passing motorist watching the action from the other side. Overall, a great showing by Hope Indy Pro as they’re looking to continue with another show back at the VFW in Baldwin Park on August 26th…keep an eye out on our Socaluncensored calendar for details.

Some great support came out from other So Cal stars as Fabian Fury, Mr. Impact, Gabriella Cruz & SCWA promoter Vince Gutierrez were in attendance.

Actor & Director Luke Perry was in attendance  (Yes, From the hit show 90210) was there to support.

Unfortunately, Lestat, Tiger Kid & Laberinto were unable to make the event as advertised.

I would like to thank Hope Indy Pro for having me as part of the event & looking forward for the next show. As always I would like to thank all of you, the fans of So Cal for continuing support for our Southern California wrestling scene. Make sure you visit our Socaluncensored.com Calendar for up to date info on all shows.

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So until next time, this is Mike Draven…and I’ll see you at ringside!

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  1. Why was Luke Perry there? That seems random.

  2. Mike Draven | 07/31/2016 at 5:09 PM |

    I was just as surprised..other than a few wrestlers notice him, he blended in with the crowd. But he came up to me to ask about fixing the lighting which we did. At first I didn’t recognize him until someone pointed it out. Mr. Perry would thank me for the quick fix & that’s when I noticed it was him.

    We know Luke Perry is a fan of wrestling, he’s been shown on WWE programming in the past with his latest appearance on the Edge & Christian show on the network.

    He did stay all the way through, so he was there & he enjoyed the show.

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