Real Talk 8 1/2: Just a quickie

In this special edition of Real Talk, I give a quick preview of FCW’s upcoming double shot in San Diego during Comic-Con weekend, shit not worth writing paragraphs about, and the Match Of The Column.

FCW’s“The Pow! Boom! Smack!” Double Shots

This week or weekend is San Diego Comic-Con. I’m really not sure. I really don’t care. If you’re reading this site, you probably know what it is and do care. If you don’t know or forgot what it is, this video explains it all.

To capitalize on the fact that tons of people are flocking to this huge annual event, Finest City Wrestling will be holding a special two night event to bring in fans that are in town for the convention featuring stars from Lucha Underground, including a huge tag team main event on Night 1, and a huge championship match on Night 2.

On Night 1, Lucha Underground stars Pentagon Jr. and Fenix will be facing Southern California legends B-Boy and Lil’ Cholo. I really don’t know what to say about this match. There’s so much I want to say, but I can’t really articulate very well. I really believe that this match has the potential to be a Match of the Year candidate. B-Boy and Pentagon Jr. seem like they would match up very well with each other, and Lil’ Cholo’s experience could lead to some awesome sequences and exchanges with Fenix. On paper, this match should be killer. If everyone in the match is on point, this will be a match that could end up being talked about for years to come.

Then on Night 2, there’s a huge title match between FCW Heavyweight Champion B-Boy defending his title against a guy on the verge of becoming a breakout star in indy wrestling, Jeff Cobb. This is another match that has tons of potential to be really awesome. With Cobb coming into this match with tons of hype behind him after his recent PWG debut and Lucha Underground success, and B-Boy coming into this as a master of being able to get breakout performances from his opponents, this match has all the makings of being a classic.

The rest of the weekend should be really good too. Night 1 will also feature Brian Cage vs. Rey Horus, who plays Dragon Azteca Jr. on Lucha Underground. There’s also a possible show stealer for the FCW XRT-Division Championship as. Danny Limelight defends his championship against Famous B. There’s also tag match featuring Joey Ryan and Douglas James taking on their significant others Laura James and Heather Monroe, a match between fan favorite Thunder Rosa taking on her tag team partner Holidead that should be really fun, and so much more.

Night 2 doesn’t have a lot announced, but FCW have said that they have some special surprises in store for Night 2. Both nights will also be hosted by Lucha Underground ring announcer Melissa Santos.

Beyond the matches set to take place that night, it is a huge weekend for Finest City Wrestling where they could end up being taken to a new level of notoriety when it comes to indy wrestling in SoCal and beyond. In 2005, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s popularity grew after the success of their first All-Star Weekend double shot during Wrestlemania 21 weekend. The double shot that weekend helped established PWG as a legitimate player in the independent wrestling scene, and the “Pow! Boom! Smack!” double shot events could be the weekend that does the same thing for Finest City Wrestling.

For more information on these events, check out the “The Pow! Boom! Smack!” Facebook event page as well as the SCU Events Page.

Shit Not Worth Writing Paragraphs About

  • Brody King broke his leg, which sucks. Supposedly he broke it during a match on Friday night and was able to finish it. We should just give him the 2016 SoCal Rookie Of The Year award for that shit. Best wishes to Brody on his recovery.
  • If you’re not going to FCW in San Diego on Saturday night and are going to be in the LA area, Caristico (original Mistico in CMLL, original Sin Cara in WWE) will be appearing at GMLW in Pacoima, CA. He will be teaming with Shamu Jr. and Sin Limite to take on La Mascara, Misterioso Sr., and Misterioso Jr. For more information, check out the SCU events page.
  • UEW and EWF will also be running shows in East Los Angeles, CA and Baldwin Park, CA respectively.
  • posted a video looking back at the ECW Heatwave 2000 incident involving XPW talent getting into a scuffle with ECW talent during the main event of the pay-per-view. There’s mention of a fight taking place in the parking lot, but they don’t tell you that it was mostly just the ECW guys beating up XPW’s street team who were there to pass out flyers to their next show.
  • I recently pissed off some irrelevant, no-name indy wrestler. She said a bunch of dumb shit, ran to her Facebook page to cry to friends and White Knights while talking shit about me, and threatened to spit on me at a show I won’t be attending. Now people want to fight me. Fucking idiots lol

Match Of The Column

I received a complaint from someone who shall remain anonymous about the previous Match Of The Column being Scorpio Sky vs. Adrian Quest. So, by request, here’s the match he thought should’ve been Match Of The Column because of how prestigious the title of Match Of The Column is here on Real Talk. With that said, here’s Douglas James vs. B-Boy.

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