FCW “Salutes & Slams” – 20 May 2017 – Quick Results

B-Boy defeated KC Douglas in the main event of FCW’s May 20th benefit show for the Imperial Beach Sports Complex. Click for full results.

Finest City Wrestling
Salutes & Slams
May 20, 2017
Imperial Beach Sports Complex
Imperial Beach, CA

Big Gotch over Aaron Garvey [5’46]

Human Tornado over Seabass and C-Love [7’57]

Guy Cool over Donnie Suarez [8’46]

Joe Hieken over Michael Hopkins [7’43]

Rocketboy D’marco Wilson over Azrael [10’02]

True Grit (Jesse James & Hoss Hogg) over Biagio Crescenzo & Jacob Diez [16’02]

B-Boy over KC Douglas [9’50]

Aaron Garvey won a battle royal [2’22]

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