[Results] AOW presents Heatwave on July 10th 2016

Alpha Omega Wrestling
Hilton Garden Inn Conference Center
July 10th 2016
Victorville, Ca

Good evening Socaluncensored.com faithfuls, Mike Draven back to break down the AOW Heatwave event from Victorville, Ca on July 10th.

Rated 2G (NWA Continental Champion Badd Blood & “King of Philly” Blk Jeez) def “The Hardcore Kidd” Aaron Aguilara & Homeless Jimmy as Blk Jeez threw Jimmy a tin tray & hit the mat as if he was hit over the head by Jimmy (channeling Eddie Guerrero) as Rated 2G gets the DQ victory.

Fatal 4 way match:
Mathias Starkey def Roman Alexander (w/”Perfect Manager” Toom E Guci, “Miricle” Mike James & “Mr. J” Jeremy Jaeger (w/Crystal Michelle) as Starkey would use Guci’s cane on Roman Alexander to pick up the win.

The Blindman Army (“Blindman” Mike Champman, Andre Machievski & AOW Desert Champion Ryan J. Morals) made their way to the ring & called out the AOW Owner Christian Rosenberg to demand an explenation on why Scorpio Sky is granted another shot at Moral’s championship. Rosenberg would address the matter to much dismay from The Army.

Moral’s felt he didn’t deserve this as he’s done so much for the desert championship where Rosenberg said that “He made Morals” & he gave everything to him. The owner would add a special stipulation as if Ryan Morals gets Counted Out or Disqualified, he’ll lose the championship to Scorpio Sky.

“The Veteran” Rudy Luna def “The High Flying Sensation” Steven Andrews with a Dominator finisher for the win. As Luna looking to either continue the beat down or to help Andrews up, Mathias Starkey would come into the ring with a steel chair & gets Luna out of the ring.

Starkey would then attack Steven Andrews with the chair as the female from whom Mathias Starkey was flirting with the night before came into the ring as Starkey would address that Angie influenced him while he was injured & convinced him that Andrew’s was the “Dead Weight” in now the disbanded Team Hi Def.

AOW Tag-Team Champion “The One” Blake Grayson enters the ring to inform the fans that due to personal reasons, Anjul Stone is not here this evening & thus they’ll be no tag team championship match but since he’s here, Grayson issued an open challenge to anyone in the back which was answered by “The Best Around” Johnny Kai.

“The One” Blake Grayson def “Best Around” Johnny Kai via Memory Loss Double Arm DDT. As referee Jeff helped him up onto his feet, Kai would shove him back not knowing it was an official & thus Referee Jeff would fine Kai once again in the amount of $1,500.

Fatal 5 way match:
“The Irish Juggernaut” Mikey O’Shea def Cara de Leon, “The Winning Ticket” Simon Lotto, “Big Nasty” Eric Watts & “The Emo Behemoth” Pinky as O’Shea hit a Gunslinger finisher on Simon Lotto for the win.

AOW Women’s Championship:
Ashley Grace def “The Wounded Ronin” Lufisto as earlier in the match, Lufisto exposed the top turnbuckle only to have Grace send Lufisto into that exposed buckle & School Girl pinfall to become the NEW AOW Women’s Champion.

AOW Desert Championship (If Ryan Morals lose via Count out or DQ, he’ll lose the championship):
Scorpio Sky def Ryan J. Morals (w/The Blindman Army) via his Ace of Spades (TKO) Finisher to become the NEW AOW Desert Champion.

Christian Rosenberg would come to the ring to celebrate Sky’s victory & to mock “Crying” Ryan Morals for his loss only to be interpreted by the AOW Heavyweight Champion Ron Kilbourn. Kilbourn would say that he’s been running AOW since Rosenberg hasn’t been seen in the promotion since the beginning of the year. Rosenberg would remind Kilbourn that he’s still in charge & would introduce his opponent SoCal Crazy.

Main Event-AOW Heavyweight Championship:
Ron Kilbourn def SoCal Crazy with his “aRond the World” Spinning Sidewalk slam to successfully retain the championship.

Christian Rosenberg would congratulate the champ for the victory but since Kilbourn is on a mission to “Stop the Luchadors” in Professional Wrestling, Rosenberg announced that on August 20th in Twentynine Palms, Ca Ron Kilbourn is set to defend the AOW Heavyweight Championship against a Luchador.

Rosenberg would go on to say if Kilbourn survives the match, on September 18th back in Victorville, Ca a new #1 contender will be revealed as AOW returns for The Valley Rumble.

Great solid crowd in Victorville last night.

“Stepdaddy” Roscoe P. Tucker, “Hot Lips” Lonnie Laguna & Christian Cole where your commentary team as your’s truly SCU’s Mike Draven was your Ring announcer.

Thank you once again for continuing to show support to the Pro Wrestling scene of Southern California.

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