[Recap] Chaos Column of FCW “Underground Konflict” on April 30th 2016


4/30/16 FCW “Underground Konflict”
Boys & Girls Club of Imperial Beach

Personal, detailed observations of the big card that happened in this part of South San Diego County. Please keep in mind that these are my personal observations of the matches, witnessed from my POV, and may not necessarily reflect what actually happened in the match.

* Despite the booking conflicts with AAA over Pentagon Jr., & Jeff Cobb’s injury while doing battle in “The Temple” as Matanza Cueto, that prevented him from main eventing this night, a virtual capacity crowd filled the gym of the Imperial Beach Boys & Girls Club.

* Oso Blanco/Cara De Leon: Strong opener where Cara used what looked like a Modified Falcon Arrow to get the pin.

* Maldecido/Destro/Matt Twizted v. Human Tornado/Ju Dizz/Corey Jackson: Good trios gimmick match, where Ju Dizz & Corey got involved in Tornado’s signature jiving kicks. Maldecido moved pretty good for a heavyweight, and he was the one that finished it off with a Chokeslam on Corey for the pin.

* Terex/Brody King: Great battle between two big men, although Cap. Comic Con’s distraction allowed Terex to hit a setup move to roll into his 400-lb. Standing Moonsault for the pin. This sort of pissed off Gus, who went on to book a Terex/Matt Twizted hardcore match, with two stipulations: 1) Cap. Comic Con would be banned from ringside, and 2) FANS BRING THE WEAPONS.

* XRT Division Championship: Great back-and-forth battle in the Best of 3 Falls match. Douglas James got the first pin off of the Frog Splash, while Danny Limelight Rivera got the second pin with a rollup. The see-saw battle continued for the final fall, until Danny reversed a lift attempt by Douglas, into a Curb Stomp for the successful title defense.

* Sasha Darevko/Aaron Garven, then Mike Camden: Sasha was up to his old commie tricks, distracting the referee with the big chain, then pulling his small set of chains out of his trunks, and used it to KO Aaron. Sasha then cut a promo about rigged elections in America, especially when it came to the SoCal Uncensored Year-End Awards. Mike Camden came out to answer an open challenge, and the “real” match was on. Sasha tried similar distraction tactics with the small chains, but the referee stopped him this time, and Mike rolled Sasha up for the pin.

* BFF/Vermin: Great tag team match with quite a see-saw battle. Big Duke & Suede Thompson were able to stop a team move by YUMA & Kevin Martenson, hitting a team move on their own, with Duke pinning Martenson.

* (Oedo Tai “North American Bad Girl” battle) Thunder Rosa/Holidead: Both ladies certainly showed how much they’ve learned from being a part of Act Yasukawa’s stable at Stardom, with how they threw it down in the ring. Thunder Rosa hit a big backdrop on Holidead, then waited for the right moment to hit a Double-Stomp to Holidead’s back for the pin.

* Suicidal 6-Way Heavyweight Championship: Spotfest, with plenty of clustering, and I couldn’t stop laughing through most of the match. About midway through the match, Cholo brought a ladder to the ring, only for B-Boy to bring out a casket with some other stuff in it. Fortunately for Cholo, Famous B, SoCal Crazy, & Willie Mack, only B-Boy suffered the full brunt of Joey Ryan’s YP Plex, although neither of them could “crack his super strong manhood”. When it was all said & done, it was B-Boy who hit a Piledriver on Famous B, for the pin, & another successful title defense.

It looks like Gus is filling in a good portion, if not all, of the void currently left by other promotions that are on hiatus; and he’s certainly adding some spice to the San Diego wrestling scene. Every wrestling fan in attendance certainly got their money’s worth, and you can be sure that most, if not all of them, will be back for the 6/18 & SDCC Weekend dual shows.

1 – Suicidal 6-Way Heavyweight Championship
2 – Thunder Rosa/Holidead
3 – XRT Division Championship

See all of the personal photos taken from this show: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.498866716972155.1073741849.436289569896537&type=3