[Breaking News] Pentagon Jr. Off FCW’s April 30th Show – Updated

Finest City Wrestling is stating that they were informed today that AAA has been pulled Pentagon Jr. from the April 30th show in Imperial Beach. Pentagon Jr. was scheduled to be in the main event in a four-way match with B-Boy, Willie Mack, and Jeff Cobb for B-Boy’s FCW championship. FCW is currently working on a replacement and has mentioned Jack Evans and Fenix as possibilities, however Fenix is booked for the same show in Mexico Pentagon Jr. is. Here is the statement from FCW promoter Gus Parsons:

I have some very horrible news about April 30th. Pentagon Jr. Has been pulled off my show by the offices at AAA and either him or I can do anything about it. I have been asked to remain calm and not to start a public outrage at what has happened. Pentagon Jr. has offered to make a video explaining what has happened and to address the fans of FCW. Bottom line AAA has pulled rank on me and has taken something special away from the fans of FCW for whatever reasons they have. I am very upset at this news knowing ticket sales went through the roof to see him. I am working on a very suitable replacement for him, but I know it’s not the same and also hoping FCW will not suffer from it. I ask if some of the talent on LU taping’s this weekend find out and back this as well for me. I am very sorry to break this news to everyone….but aaa owns the name and apparently has full control over his schedule. I am working on booking Fenix or Jack Evans to replace him. Again, I am very very sorry to all the Pentagon Jr. Fans out there who were looking forward to meeting him and seeing him in a FCW ring. This will not stop me and the goals I have for Finest City Wrestling, I just hope the fans stick by our side through this and know we will still deliver one hell of a show!
Before asking for a refund, just know that I am sorry and me and someone very close to him tried to make it work out.
Contact: GusFCW@gmail.com

We have reached out to AAA for comment and was advised that Pentagon Jr. as well as Fenix had been booked for some time on their April 30th show in in Chilapancingo, Mexico. Fenix is booked for the same show. FCW announced Pentagon Jr. as being on their April 30th show on February 20th. The lineup for the AAA show in in Chilapancingo was announced several weeks ago.

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