[Recap] IWL’s “Insanity at Industy Hills” 01/31

Dual Cobras Tournament Winners the Black Parade

INDUSTRY HILLS EXPO CENTER–Although other shows like LU, Knokx Pro, EWF, & UIPW may’ve affected the attendance of paying customers; IWL still put up a great event. The last time I went to an outdoor or open-air wrestling event, was when Vendetta held a show at the Long Beach Zombie Walk Sunday session. Noone involved or attending the event didn’t seem significantly affected by the ring & the music stage being put in the middle of a dirt-covered section normally reserved for horses, speedway bikes, or a charity pro rodeo.


1 – Chris Evans & Johnny Saovi d. Tag Game Strong (Cedric King & Leo Blaze) when Chris rolled up & p. Cedric

2 – The Suburban Commandos (T-Rent & D-Unit) d. Hayward Heat when T-Rent scored the pin off of their Alley Oop Team Powerslam

3 – The Black Parade (Eli Everfly & Pinky) d. Cold Cold World (Damien Grundy & Willie Roode, w/ Caesar Black) when Pinky p. Damien w/ a Toss-&-Catch German Suplex

4 – Kahmora & Steven Andrews d. Los Primos Rivera (Danny & Gino) when the referee caught Gino smacking Steven w/ a broomstick. It also had the side effect or preventing Danny from “getting his left arm & shoulder broken” by Kahmora’s Armbar submission hold.


5 – Biagio Crescenzo (w/ Johnny Saovi & Chris Evans) made The American Oni (w/ Pris) tapout to what looked like a Cross-Armbreaker w/ a Crossface submission, winning the Breakout title.

6 – Tyler Bateman p. Eric Cross w/ the “End of Days” Elbow Smash.



7 – The Black Parade d. Chris Evans & Johnny Saovi when Eli p. Saovi w/ their Modified Doomsday Device.

8 – The Suburban Commandos d. Kahmora & Steven Andrews when the commandos hit their Alley Oop Team Powerslam on Steven for the pin.


9 – The Mixtape Kings (Jacob Diez & Jerome “LTP” Robinson) successfully defended the Tag Team titles over Los Bandidos (Rico Dynamite & Tito Escondido) when LTP p. Tito w/ the Headscissors DDT.

SM – Anarchy Champion Justin Ryke & Eric Watts d. Heavyweight Champion “Pretty” Peter Avalon & Eric Cross when Watts p. PPA after Ryke hit the Spear. This impromptu tag team match was made by special guest Teddy Long, which was originally slated to be a PPA/Watts match.


M – Dual Cobras Tournament Final. The Black Parade d. The Suburban Commandos when Eli & Pinky p. D-Unit w/ a series of finishers.

Eli’s toughness showed throughout the tournament, especially when facing a pair of big men in The Suburban Commandos. No matter which end of the fan spectrum he plays for a promotion, there’s no doubt that this is a lightweight wrestler that has to be respected. With that being said, an upcoming title match between The Mixtape Kings & The Black Parade could be something worth seeing at an upcoming IWL event.

Dual Cobras Tournament Winners the Black Parade

Dual Cobras Tournament Winners the Black Parade

Given that the American Oni/Biagio match pitted 2 heels against each other, most of the fans got behind Oni, as the lesser of the 2 heels. Saovi & Evans helped tip things in Biagio’s favor, a move that Pris didn’t make to get Oni out of the finishing submission hold that led to the Breakout title change.


1 – Black Parade / Suburban Commandos

As mentioned earlier, Eli’s toughness showed in this match. He even climbed up the support railing of the music stage, and did a crossbody onto the commandos. That spot makes my list for “the most insane moment of the night”.

2 – Mixtape Kings / Los Bandidos

Great back-and-forth action, once the Bad Dudes stopped stalling for a couple of minutes at the start of the match.

3 – Eric Cross / Tyler Bateman

This match had the distinction of being the most technical. It may not have been the kind of start Eric wanted for his final year in wrestling, but look for him to remain in the upper card, up to his final match.

And with that, people, is a wrap. Unless I’m lucky to score PWG ASW 12 tickets for Early March, or some other big card comes along, “The Chaos Column” is going on a “comic con break”, until April, after WonderCon.

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