Coming Soon: An in-depth interview with B-Boy

“The time of silence and keeping to myself is over. Very few know where I stand, and I plan on letting more know.”-B-Boy

After spending years on the independent wrestling scene, B-Boy has been a lot of places and has seen a lot of things. In 1999 he debuted on the scene and became the Southern California Rookie Of The Year. Since then he’s accomplished a lot in his career not just in Southern California, but also around the world as well. Within the next month, a special interview will be filmed with the man known as “The New Age Punisher” that will go over his entire career from starting out in CCW’s Palace Of Pain, to working for UPW, PWG, CZW, moving between SoCal and Philadelphia, Dragon Gate, Lucha Underground, and much more.

We’re currently seeking fan questions for the interview, so if you have anything to want to ask feel free to Tweet @socaluncensored, hit up Facebook/SoCalUncensored, or submit your questions on the SCU message board here.

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