[Recap] Lucha Underground Season 2 Premier episode on January 27th 2016

Lucha UndergroundLU Premier Episode Logo 1-27-16
January 27th 2016
Boyle Heights, Ca

Hello SoCalUncensored faithfuls, Mike Draven back & after a long hiatus, Lucha Underground finally makes its Season 2 premier on the El Rey Network…So let’s get into what we saw on the first episode:

Since the last episode, we open up the show with Vampiro going through psychiatric evaluation since with flashbacks of his battle with Pentagon Jr from Ultima Lucha as Matt Striker picks up Vampiro as they make their way back to a “Much Darker” Temple in Boyle Heights.

Catrina has taken over the temple & Dario Cuerto’s office as The Gift of the Gods Champion Fenix enters & is asking for his opportunity at Mil Muetes championship. Catrina said that Fenix will have to wait as he’s in a match this evening as he sets to defend the Gift of the Gods championship against a luchador who’s been “Hunting” him for months…King Cuerno.

As Matt Striker & Vampiro welcomes everyone to the show, Mil Muertes has a bird’s eye view of his temple as we head into the the Gift of the Gods Championship Match.

Gift of the Gods Championship Match-Fenix (c) vs King Cuerno:

As the fans in the temple get into the match, this match between these two luchadors start off hot & heavy as both men wrestler in the ring & out of the ring. Cuerno would take the early advantage delivering a DDT from the outside followed up with his “ARROW” Suicide dive on the outside. But Fenix would come back to nail some beautiful moves including Fenix’s corkscrew planchas to take it to King Cuerno.

In the end, Fenix attempted a Springboard 450 splash but Cuerno moved out of the way setting himself up as Cuerno delivered a unique Tombstone piledriver to defeat Fenix & become the NEW Gift of the Gods Champion..Now the Hunter has become the Hunted.

We would see the emergence of the former Lucha Underground Trios Champions Ivelisse, Son of Havoc & Angelico returning to the temple as they’re stopped by Catrina as she informs them they’re to face each other in a triple threat match where the winner faces Mil Muertes for the Lucha Underground Championship.

Catrina would make her way to ringside to tell Ring Announcer Melissa Santos of the next contest where the winner will get the title shot verses Mil Muetes.

Catrina would congratuate King Cuerno on his championship win but reminded them of their deal as Cuerno agreed that Mil Muertes doesn’t have to worry about him cashing in on his championship.

Triple Threat Match for the #1 Contendership to the Lucha Underground Championship
Ivelisse vs Son of Havoc vs Angelico:

All three wrestlers give it their all in this match, stopping the others from pinfalls. Ivelisse would demonstrate some fierce offensive moves as well as goat either Angelico or Son of Havoc into a compromising position.

Son of Havoc & Angelico would work each other over to get the upper hand but as S.O.H. went for his Shooting Star Press, Ivelisse would stop his momentum on the top rope & would execute a cradle pin on Angelico for the win. As the fans in the temple rejoice, Ivelisse would realize that she is looking at the champion knowing she’s in for the fight verses Mil Muertes.

We would see some fans making their way to a supposed “Underground Fight Club” as they encounter The Black Lotus as she escorts them to their destination.

Lucha Underground Championship-Mil Muertes (c) vs Ivelisse:

We would see S.O.H. & Angelico staying by Ivelisse’s side as the reigning champion Mil Muertes along with Catrina make their way to the ring until she lifts her hand containing the mystical stone & the current Trios Champions “The Disciples of Death” emerge & takes out Son of Havoc & Angelico leaving it a one on one battle as Ivelisse must watch her partners be taken out.

We would see Ivelisse throw everything at Muertes, move after move, hold after hold & nothing fazed the unstoppable champion. Ivelisse would be able to use some submission holds on him but those too didn’t stop the champion. Catrina would enter the ring to use the power of the mystic stone for Muertes as Ivelisse would confront Catrina not knowing Muertes has risen but Muertes would accidentally spear Catrina & Ivelisse went for a roll up for only a 2 count.

Muertes would hit a powerslam on Ivelisse & put the final nail in the coffin on Ivelisse’s hopes of the championship as Mil Muertes would deliver his Flatliner finisher for the win & successfully retain the championship.

As it looks like Catrina would give Ivelisse her “Lick of Death”, she ordered Muertes to give her another Flatliner until Prince Puma would come in to save the day. But as Puma leaves the ring with Ivelisse, little does Muertes know that Pentagon Jr. is waiting for him as he delivers a Back Stabber & breaks his arm in true Pentagon Jr fashion as the temple erupts with cheers for Pentagon Jr.

At the end of the episode, we would see these fans along side The Black Lotus arrive to the Underground Fight club they’ve heard about & encounter Dario Cuerto as he welcomes them to the fight. He would then proceed for them to enter after paying as one of the fans asked who’s fighting in which Cuerto would say…”You are” as he would shut the door behind them & the screams of those unlucky fans are heard.

If you enjoyed the first episode of Lucha Underground, well all I can say is you haven’t seen anything yet my friends. I’ve been very fortunate to attend several of the Season 2 tapings and I wish I can go into detail but since those who attend the tapings sign a “Non Disclosure Agreement”, I honor the agreement. But I will say this, you’ll be amazed with the matches & some surprises will happen (whether or not if it will air remains to be seen.)

If you don’t know, this past weekend on January 30th & 31st was the Season finale of the Season 2 tapings as it was Ultima Lucha weekend. I do know which matches took place but these episodes won’t air for a few months so we’ll all have to wait & see what went down.

As of yesterday, February 1st Lucha Underground announced that Season 3 is official. No details yet but Lucha Underground Season 3 logothis was on their facebook page: Lucha Underground Season 3. It’s happening.

Well So Cal, I hope you like the recap of the first episode of Lucha Underground as I will try to bring you a weekly recap of the show once it airs on El Rey Network. Check your local listings if you service provider carries El Rey Network.

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