Andrew’s Reviews: YouTube Volume 3 – Women’s Matches

SoCal Youtube Match Reviews Volume 3: Women’s Edition

Another set of Youtube match reviews from the IWL’s favorite match reviewer! This time I’m reviewing women’s matches that have taken place in SoCal featuring talent from all over like Candice LeRae, Raze, Sage Sin Supreme, Hudson Envy, Brittany Wonder, Oedo Tai (Act Yasukawa, Kris Wolf, & Kyoko Kimura), an inter-gender tag team match featuring PPRay (Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas), a possible Match of the Year Contender for 2015 with Io Shirai and Mia Yim (TNA’s Jade), and more!

Raze vs. Candice LeRaeAWS

This was a really fun match that started off hot with Candice LeRae going right after Raze during her entrance. Candice kept using her speedy offense to try to counter Raze’s size and strength advantage in this, whereas Raze would use her power to toss Candice around. Both these women really brought it and had a stiff, hard hitting match that the crowd was into. Raze throwing Candice around and Candice making comebacks made for an entertaining match. This match is really fun and totally worth checking out.

AWS Women’s Championship Match: Hudson Envy (c) vs. Sage Sin SupremeAWS

This was a fun match that saw Hudson Envy controlling the beginning of the match and working over the leg of Sage Sin Supreme, who would end up making comebacks to stop Hudson’s offense. Hudson dominated most the match and was pretty entertaining with her shit talking and trashing of referee Justin Borden. Sage Sin also got dumped on her head twice on some German suplexes and did a good job of selling Hudson’s leg work. This was fine little showing between the two who put on an entertaining performance.

Brittany Wonder vs. Shotzi BlackheartAWS

Both women in this match are regulars in the NorCal area. They put on a fun little match with Brittany Wonder tossing Shotzi Blackheart around, and Shotzi busting out some fast paced, high flying offense on Wonder, including a standing crossbody dive from the ring post. They do a really cool spot where Shotzi tries to hit a rana off the top rope, only to have it countered into a sit out powerbomb by Wonder. This was a fun, quick match if you’re interested in watching a fun sprint.

RAZE & Sage Sin Supreme vs. PPRay (Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas)UEW

Changing things up a bit with the theme here, as this is (obviously) an inter-gender tag team match. We have Raze and Sage Sin Supreme working with Peter Avalon and Ray Rosas to put on a fun match here. Raze was impressive as the powerhouse in the match, and PPRay did a good job playing the heels here with various antics that got the crowd into things. Even with a few noticeable sloppy moments, this was a fun match that the fans enjoyed. I also liked the amount of double team offense and tag spots in this. Everyone had a good performance in this. This is worth checking out and a good way to display what Raze and Sage Sin can do with experienced opponents.

Brittany Wonder, Shayna Baszler, & Datura vs. Oedo Tai (Act Yasukawa, Kris Wolf, & Kyoko Kimura)Stardom USA

This was the opening match for Stardom’s United States debut. Stardom is a Japanese women’s wrestling promotion that features many California and American based female talent. I really don’t know much else about this company so I’m going to quit acting like I do. Shayna Baszler is best known for being a MMA fighter having done a stint in the UFC after competing on the Ultimate Fighter and has competed in Invicta FC, Strikeforce, BodogFight, and EliteXC. She’s also appeared in Ring of Honor as a valet for Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reily. This is her second professional wrestling match. She’s not the only wrestler in this match with MMA experience, as Kyoko Kimura has competed in Pancrase in Japan.

Before the match even began the crowd was really into things, especially for Oedo Tai‘s entrance, who recovered a rockstar like ovation from the crowd. As things went on, the crowd really got into things. The match wasn’t overly crazy when it came to spots, but there was plenty of action at a fun pace that kept things exciting. Baszler had a short shoot-style sequence with Kimura that was a nice touch to the match. There was also a funny sequence where Kimura would exchange elbows and ass strikes with Brittnay Wonder. My favorite performer in the match was Kris Wolf as she was really fun and entertaining throughout the match. Act Yasukawa was also really fun to watch as she had a cool look and gimmick going on for her. Check this match out.

Wonder of STARDOM Championship Match: Io Shirai (c) vs. Mia Yim (TNA’s Jade)Stardom USA

This match was the main event of Stardom’s United States debut and for the Wonder of STARDOM Championship. Before the match they played national anthems and did a traditional prematch Japanese championship ceremony presentation featuring a photo-op with the belt, president, Cheerleader Melissa who was playing some authority figure role, and all that jazz. The crowd was really into this match, and both women put on an amazing performance. Io Shirai was really impressive and more athletic than most male wrestlers from here in SoCal. She had cool high-flying moves and took some punishment as Mia Yim had some really nice kicks that Io took like a champ.

Mia Yim and Iro Shirai both worked a “strong style” type match better than a lot of American indy wrestlers do. It was hard hitting, exciting, got the fans into things, told a good story, and had lots of action. This match should be a contender for SoCal Match Of The Year for 2015. It’s really that fucking good.

Final thoughts: For years, SoCal has been a tough place for women to break through. There was a time where women’s matches were a rarity in SoCal. There were less than a handful of women that would get booked on shows in SoCal, and at times they’d either have to play a valet or work with men. Over time, things seems to have changed and there’s been a rise of female talent coming to the area, thanks mostly to promotions like AWS giving them a place to shine. The Stardom USA debut main event between Io Shirai and Mia Yim was a great match, and a definite MOTYC. The match between Candice LeRae and Raze was also a fun match that deserves praise. All the women in this article, even if they all aren’t SoCal based, are capable of putting on good performances and matches that the fans are into.