Lucha Underground News and Notes, Nov. 19th

The View From Within The Temple

The View From Within The Temple

Lucha Underground kicked off its second season of taping last week in Boyle Heights.  The matches that were tapped are scheduled to air on January 6th and January 13th (Saturday) and sometime in February (Sunday).  The show will air  Wednesdays at 9pm on the El Rey Network. In LA, you can watch on Time Warner channel 145 and DIRECTV channel 341. Check for listings in other areas.

Because of the NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT… we cannot give “SPOILERS” or results of the show.

Global Force Wrestling’s Nex*Gen Champion: the Darewolf PJ Black aka WWE’s Justin Gabriel was in attendance.  Cage, Mack, Mr. Cisco (Lil Cholo), Famous B, Thunder Rosa, Joey Ryan, Ricky Mandel, Mariachi Loco, and B-Boy were all in attendance.

It’s expected that Melissa Anderson will start with them soon, maybe even this set of Television Taping.

Dario Cueto didn’t appear in the Temple.  Lucha Underground already spoiled who’s replaced him in his absence paying homage to the common rule, “he who has the gold makes the rule.”

Lastly the tapings continue this weekend.  Tickets are free, if you received an email confirmation.  Stay tuned to for more news about the next set of taping.