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We still miss you Eddie Guerrero, viva la raza. Who else is going down to the temple this weekend? I really hope my Camden not only beats Idol for the Golden State Championship but I hope he gets that So Cal uncensored Rookie of the Year award back also. Huge news for United Wrestling Network plus all of this weekend’s events


Viva la Raza
On this day 10 years ago the world of professional wrestling lost one of its brightest stars Eddie Guerrero. The Guerrero family legacy was cemented long before Eddie Guerrero wrestled his first match. With brothers Chavo, Hector and Mondo doing big business in Southern California Eddie had some mighty big shoes to fill. My first exposure to Eddie Guerrero was during the Triple A pay per view that I wrote about last week. It wasn’t long after the passing of Art Barr, that Eddie would make his name stateside wrestling for ECW. What really put him on the map was his feud with Dean Malenko and later Rey Mysterio Jr for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship. But even then I don’t think even the most optimistic of wrestling fans could ever imagine Guerrero becoming the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Guerrero didn’t just live up to the expectations of the Guerrero family, he exceeded them. He became one of the most influential Latino wrestlers ever. The WWE has still not been able to find a Hispanic wrestler who captivated an audience the way Eddie was able to. Gone but not forgotten Eddie’s legacy will be that of a world champion and nobody can take that away. Viva la raza.

Lucha Underground

This weekend thanks to Mike Draven I will make my second visit to the temple in Boyle Heights. I’m excited to see what the new look for Lucha Underground will be. If you have been keeping up with my Lucha Underground a & notes you know there will be no Hernandez or Big Rick and obviously no El Patron. But you also know that Melissa Anderson is supposed to be a part of the roster and what you might not have known is Flamita well you may know from Dragon Gate is supposed to debut this season. I can’t wait to see who shows up next. Who will challenge Mil Muertes and the Disciples of Death? Will Rey Mysterio appear? And what does Viva La Raza have to do with anything?

Battle of the 2014 Rookies of the Year
Tomorrow night Mike Camden challenges Anthony idol for his Golden State Championship belt. But for those of you who have been following the Jay Cal’s View know that the rivalry between these two really all comes down to the 2014 SoCal Uncensored Rookie of the Year award.  When I last was at SoCal Pro, I was there to present the award to the rightful winner but I was interrupted. Everett Scott and Anthony Idol verbally assaulted me and took away Mike’s award. Now I know these two spent most of last year battling for the Golden State Championship, but Mike Camden, is going to take back is Golden State Championship and the award plaque that was stolen from him. This Saturday witness history as SoCal Pro presents the final show of the year.

I want to give credit where credit is due; Douglas James and Raze both reached the finals of a APW’s Young Lions Cup that was in part to honor the memory of Roland Alexander. Speaking of Raze, she is in New Orleans right now and will be taking part of the Luke Hawk’s Wildcat Sports Wrestling Event, it will be their biggest show of the year. Also on the card is Brian Kendrick, Damian 666 and Beastia (familia de Tijuana), with Stevie Ray and a special appearance by Ron Simmons… Damn!

United Wrestling Network
David Marquez announced recently that there will be new blood joining the UWN family before years end. Today the announcement was made that Main Event Wrestling was joining.  “I hope to be able to make 3 new additions (the first one later today) to the United Wrestling Network by Dec. 31! I’d like to thank the participating promotions for sticking with the concept and I promise, in 2016 we’ll turn some heads. Stand by for news!”  Last week I learned that there is something to the talk of northern expansion for the United Wrestling Network.   They had a trial run in San Francisco last month that was met with a lot of positive feedback.

Next week’s super show is already looking like a incredible night of action.  Romero vs. Avalon for the CWFH Heritage Title as the makings to be a MOTYC.  Avalon, in the five plugs years of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood, rose from the opening match to Main Event. He’s defeated YUMA, Kevin Martenson, Cabana, to become the standard bearer of Hollywood.  For all of his years with David Marquez, Romero has never held a title within the Hollywood legacy.  A former IWGP Jr. Champion and tag champion, CMLL Supra Ligro Champion, and NWA World Junior Champion.  Avalon has held countless titles in this area notably the AWS Tag Tiles and Hollywood Tag titles with Rosas, the IWL Title and the UWN TV title.  A major feather in the cap for Avalon is he wins and another championship in the collection for Romero.

If you need to get caught up on Championship Wrestling From Hollywood visit Patreon the Streaming Service for the UWN.  New episodes air at 4PM on Saturdays or you can catch the YouToo America (from computers not mobile devices) 9PM, Pacific. Outside of SoCal you can see the show in Kansas City on Time Warner Sports Mondays at 8:00PM and starting Sunday October 25, CWFH can be seen on WFBD-TV Channel 48 Pensacola, FL at 1:00PM.

Upcoming SoCal Events
SCW “Friday the 13th..Out of Luck” in Canoga Park, Tonight 11/13/2015 @ 8:00 PM
EWF in Covina, Tonight 11/13/2015 @ 8:00 PM
Lucha Underground in Boyle Heights, Saturday 11/14/2015 @ 4:00 PM
Knokx Pro “TURMOIL” in Sun Valley, Ca
11/14/2015 @ 6:00 PM

OWA presents “Redemption” in San Diego, Saturday 11/14/2015 @ 6:00 PM
SoCal Pro Wrestling in Oceanside, Saturday 11/14/2015 @ 7:00 PM
Santino Bros “Chain Reaction” in South Gate, Saturday 11/14/2015 @ 8:00 PM
Lucha Underground in Boyle Heights, Subday 11/15/2015 @ 4:00 PM

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  1. Rookie of the Year,get the facts straight, Anthony Idol showed up every week never dodged a challengers just how many times did Camden wrestle Idol? Check your facts mike has been out injured while idol battled though a myriad of injuries, no excuses no complaint, just win after win…he personally Elevated Evertt Scott international by breathing air into tag teams , three man specials and all sorts of rumbles, AI always present always on top! That’s what a champion does.

  2. “Get my facts straight?” I beg your pardon. The fact is an overwhelming amount of the readers of this website voted for Mr. Camden. That is a fact. But I wouldn’t expect an Anthony Idol fan to understand facts.

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