[Recap] Santino Bros “Kaostrophe” on October 10th 2015

Santino Bros WrestlingSantino Bros 10-10-15 flyer
American Legion Hall #335
October 10th 2015
South Gate, Ca

Good Afternoon SoCalUncensored faithfuls, your roaming reporter Mike Draven is back with a full recap of the action packed Santino Bros Wrestling event entitled “Kaostrophe” on October 10th 2015. “Beautiful” Jack Studd was your special ring announcer for this evenings festivities as we kick off with a Santino Bros Student Showcase Match.

Santino Bros Student Showcase Tag Team Match:
“The Party Captain” Guy Cool & Heather Monroe def The Study Buddies (Chaz Hererra & Darwin Finch) as “The Party Captain” rolled up Chaz Hererra with a School Boy for the win & a successful in ring debut of Guy Cool & Heather Monroe.

The next match was scheduled to feature a Teacher vs Student match as Robbie Phoenix faces Douglas James but James would come out determined to prove to his mentor Phoenix what he was made of but informed the crowd that Robbie Phoenix isn’t here & vowed he would get his hands on him down the road but since he was here, he issued an open challenge to anyone in the back which Ryan Ramos answered the call.

Douglas James def Ryan Ramos with a Frog Splash for the win.

“Hollywood’s Own” Joey Ryan def “The Machine” Brian Cage as Ryan was able to reverse a suplex attempt from Cage into a roll up for the victory in this hard hitting match up.

Intergender Tag Team Match:SCU Santino 10-11-15 16
“The Equal Opportunity Ass Kicker” Ruby Raze & “The Butcher” Tyler Bateman def Hudson Envy & Brody King as Raze was able to deliver a “Soul Eater” Spear on Envy for the win. After the match, King & Bateman would give each other a stare down as Envy & Raze shook hands in sportsmanship.

Russian Chain/Ladder Match (Must use the ladder to retrieve the chain hanging from the ceiling):
“The SuperTzar” Sasha Darevko def Che Cabrera after using the chain to choke out Cabrera, Darevko would curb stomp him for the three count in this action packed match.

Triple Threat Match:
Famous B def “The New Age Punisher” B-Boy & “Indestructible” Eli Everfly as B-Boy would deliver a Spinning Tombstone Piledriver on Everfly but Famous B would capitalize by Superkicking B-Boy out of the ring & pinned Eli Everfly for the victory.

After the match, B-Boy would grab the mic as he would give his props to both men in this match as well as giving them some veteran advice but as Everfly shook Famous B’s hand, Everfly would attack Famous B & as he was about to use a chair on Famous B, B-Boy would return to stop Eli Everfly. So more trash talking between Everfly & Famous B as it would seem that this war has only just begun.SCU Santino 10-11-15 19

Tag Team Match:
Los Bandidos (“Raunchy” Rico Dynamite & “Bad Dude” Tito Escondido) def Los Luchas (Zokre & Phoenix Star) with the Bandidos Double Team Finisher on Zokre for the win. After the match, Los Bandidos would ask Los Luchas back in the ring as it would seemed they wanted to shake hands but as soon as Los Luchas was about to shake hands, Los Bandidos would say “Psyche” & leave the ring but would return to the ring as they were goofing around only to have Los Luchas return the favor & send them out of the ring as quite possible we may have not seen the last of these two teams square off.

Main Event-Santino Bros Championship:
“The Rock Superstar” Joey Kaos def Former WWE/TNA star Brian Kendrick with a small package pinfall to become the NEW Santino Bros Champion & end Kendrick’s second championship reign in this five star match up. After the match, Kendrick & Kaos would shake hands in sportsmanship as Kaos would address the crowd with his 20 years in the business & achieving everything he can do, the most gratifying thing he’s accomplished in life is seeing the heart & desire of all those who are apart of the Santino Bros family, those who train day in & day out giving everything for the professional wrestling business as Kaos received a great ovation from the fans & students of Santino Bros Academy as we endSCU Santino 10-11-15 27 the show.

This evenings Santino Bros event was pretty much a full house at the American Legion as more fans came into the Legion Hall during the course of the evening. From top to bottom, the whole event gave the fans something to talk about as I was looking around & saw some new fans in attendance during intermission to overhear them excited to meet Former TNA’s Joey Ryan & Current Lucha Underground’s Brian Cage as they were gracious in photo opps. After the show, more & more fans were asking for photos from the Santino Bros roster as well as Kaos shaking hands & posing for photos with everyone.

Was happy to see the return of Hudson Envy as she was recently competing again with Stardom in Japan and looking forward to see her along with the rest of the Stardom roster next weekend in Covina & Baldwin Park.

As to the Matches of the Night, again very hard decision as everyone on the show brought a little something to the table in their respected match ups but I choose these as my MOTN:

Joey Kaos vs Brian Kendrick:
A match up that started off as “Friendly Competition” turned into a heck of a match as Kendrick would wear down & try to break down Koas in the match plus not to mention using a bit of dirty tactics. But Kaos’s heart & determination would not make him submit even though Kendrick would put him in many compromises submission holds, Joey Kaos overcame the odds reverse multiple small package pinfalls attempts & ended up positioning himself to the point of Kendrick being unable to kick out of a reversed small package for the win & the championship. With his heart felt speech after his match up & a special thank you to Joey as he acknowledge his Match of the Year accolade against B-Boy from last summer at AWS from Socaluncensored, he gave the fans in attendance a great way to end the night…Kudos to both wrestlers as this may be another possible candidate for Socaluncensored’s Match of the Year 2015.

Eli Everfly vs B-Boy vs Famous B:
A high intensity triple threat showdown with three of So Cal’s favorite stars squared off against each other. With Eli & B-Boy’s most talked about feud at the beginning of the summer, these two picked up where they left off & adding the ariel expertise of the “Lazer Focused” Famous B, this was definitely one of the matches of the ages to talk about. A lot of back & forth action, high flying outside of the ring & B-Boy’s “Take no prisoners” attitude, overall great match from all three competitors & another match hopefully to be considered in the Match of the Year catagory.

Sasha Darevko vs Che Cabrera:SCU Santino 10-11-15 18
As the old adage say, “All Good Things Must Come To An End” as over the last couple of months we’ve seen the destruction of The Revolution as Sasha Darevko who was the catalyst of the faction’s break up proved this evening that he would do anything to put a stop to his former partner Che Cabrera & to show the fans that he was really the one that lead the team. Cabrera gave everything to Darevko hitting some great moves on “The SuperTzar” but in the end especially in this special Chain Match, the chain did come into play from both men but Sasha being one step ahead in the ring, had a smaller chain tucked away when the time was right to use it which he did. In the end, another great match from both Darevko & Cabrera as these two wrestlers whether as a team or individual matches continue to shine.

Brian Cage vs Joey Ryan:
This match was a special treat for the fans in attendance as the Former TNA star would square off against the Lucha Underground star. Ryan’s solid performance against the much larger Brian Cage as we saw that he would do whatever it took to stop the machine. Cage’s shear power as we come to know is amazing in itself as would see Cage unleash a various amount of power moves such as a delay suplex with the fans counted the seconds as well as suplexing Ryan as Cage stood on the middle rope as Joey Ryan’s feet practically touched the ceiling. In the end, Joey Ryan was able to outsmart Brian Cage with a simple roll up for the win in this good match up.SCU Santino 10-11-15 9

Santino Bros announced their next event will take place on Saturday, November 14th back at the American Legion in South Gate & I recommend if you haven’t attended a Santino Show, please come & check it out. As soon as we hear the line up, it will be on our Socaluncensored calendar.

As always, I would like to thank you all for your continuous support to the great promotions in Southern California.

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Until next time, this is your roaming reporter Mike Draven & I’ll see you at RINGSIDE!!

And now for another review from SoCalUncensored very own Chad Simplicio with his “The Chaos Column”:

* “The Party Captain” & Heather Monroe d. The Study Buddies
Guy Cool grabbed a handful of Chaz’s tights when he did the rollup, which the referee didn’t catch, when he did the 3-count for the pin. Otherwise, Guy & Heather had a strong debut. Guy has a persona that he can build on, and Heather has a good starting arsenal of moves. With some continuous training & match experience, they could make quite a name for themselves here in So Cal.

* Douglas James p. Ryan Ramos
Douglas rolled his version of the “Death-By-Roderick” Gutbuster into the said Frog Splash for the pin. Good showing by Ryan, filling the open spot in short order.

* Raze & Bateman d. Hudson Envy & Brody King
It couldn’t have been easy for Hudson in her first match back in So Cal, after her latest Stardom tour. If there were any issues with her ailing shoulder & knee, she didn’t show it here. Expect her to be ready to go at the upcoming Stardom USA events this weekend.
Brody really made Raze & Bateman work for the win.

* Famous B d. B-Boy & Eli Everfly
Best match on the card, for the overall wrestling content. Make no mistake about Eli, as this is one tough, lightweight wrestler, regardless of where he stands with the fans in a promotion’s storyline.

* Kaos winning the SBWA Heavyweight title from Brian Kendrick
The Triple-Threat Match had the best wrestling content, but this match tops the card in playing out a wrestling storyline. Kaos had to “overcome getting his left knee picked apart after an awkward landing” to score the title-clinching pin, winning the cover battle.

Overall, a great card, and the crowd were into the card, especially the upper half, with those great matches. It’s one thing for the SBWA to pack the dojo on Friday Night cards, but with continuous booking of great matches, they should have no problems filling the legion hall in South Gate.

1 – Kaos/Kendrick
2 – Famous B/B-Boy/Eli
3 – Bandidos/Luchas

All the photos I took are on my photography page: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.438463516345809.1073741829.436289569896537&type=3&pnref=story