Jay Cal’s View #144

Who do you got, Kaos or Kendrick? We’re giving readers of the site easier access to vote for the monthly SCU awards. Raze makes her debut in front of 5,000 in Mexico. Ashley Grace wins NWA Gold in Indiana. United Wrestling Network stretches North to San Francisco. And Badd Blood is heading to Texas to wrestle for NWA Gold.

Kaos vs. Kendrick
I firmly believe that Brian Kendrick is destined to end up in the Southern California Wrestling Hall of Fame. Yeah, I said it. If you look at his track record, he fulfills a lot of the requirements to me. Was a Main Event in the WWE. Spent a lot of time in Southern California before breaking into the WWE Main Roster. Spent a lot of time in SoCal after his departure in the WWE. Isn’t really exclusive, but wrestles locally for Santinos. Has his own promotion and wrestling school. Not only has Kendrick been to the top of the mountain, but he has been training others to do the same for quite a bit of time. Likewise, Kaos feels destined to be a SoCal Hall of Famer. Maybe he doesn’t have the accolades that Kendrick has, but Joey has seen a lot of success in his time as an in ring performer and as a trainer. What is really interesting to me in this match up scheduled for tomorrow night, the last match that Kaos had in South Gate was against B-Boy and won 2014 SoCalUNCENSORED Match of the Year. B-Boy and Kaos brought the house down and pulled out all the stops. Will Kaos vs. Kendrick match that intensity tomorrow night?

Monthly Awards
In an effort to make the monthly award voting more accessible we are trying out a nomination/voting process on the Message Board. Those wishing to vote for the Match of the Month or Wrestler of the Month simply need to login to the SoCalUNCENSORED Message board and make your choices along with listing the matches you’ve attended in the previous month. It’s a very simple process that I hope you’ll all check out. It’s open to everyone. And campaigning is okay.

Kudos to RAZE
Making her debut in Mexico for the first time at the Auditroum de Tijuana for The Crash show, last Friday October 2nd. The show was headlined by Rey Miserio, El Patron, and Rey Horus vs. Hijo Del Fantasma, Brian Cage, and DAGA. Raze teamed up with Pimpinella and the Psycho Clown to take on Taka Valkerie, (AAA Ladies Champion) Mamba, and Cibernetico.  Video of the match can be seen here.

Kudos to Ashley Grace
You may know her as EWF’s Connected Queen Ashley, or the fireball of SoCal Pro Wrestling and Alpha Omega Wrestling, Ashley Grace who shows so much heart in her matches. However the 19 year old wrestler recently (August 29th) headed to Indiana to compete at NWA Supreme and wound up leaving as champion.

United Wrestling Network
Exciting news coming of the United Wrestling Network is that their expanding into the San Francisco Television Market. More will be known after the 17th when an official press release will be issued to the media. But knowing the UWN Model, I know that the show will be very comparable to Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, you might even see some familiar faces showing up in the program. Also those who are subscribed to the UWN streaming service powered by Patreon will have access to this program as well as the latest episodes of CWFH (nearly 70 hours of programming), along with episodes of Southeastern Championship Wrestling, and more one of a kind matches that have never aired on television before.

This week airing on KDOC-TV a Saturdays at 4PM and 9PM YouToo America, marks the return of “Boom Boom” Colt Cabana as he’s scheduled to challenge the CWFH Hollywood Heritage Champion, “Pretty” Peter Avalon. This could be Avalon’s biggest challenge to date. These two squared off on the very first episode of CWFH.

Alpha Omega’s Badd Blood in the NWA
I bet some of you don’t know who Badd Blood even is. He works pretty exclusively in Southern California in Alpha Omega. And although he grew up in Southern California and trained by Bill Anderson and later trained at the New Japan Inoki Dojo. The native of SoCal calls the Pacific Northwest home these days and is quickly approaching the record for longest reign as NWA Pacific Northwest Champion. However, next weekend he’s heading to Sherman Texas to wrestle for the NWA North American Championship. A Title that hasn’t been seen in Southern California since the NWA Showcase (the television show that led to Championship Wrestling from Hollywood) featured Mike DiBiase with the championship. Good luck Badd Blood, we hope you bring the title back to California.

Upcoming Events in SoCal
UEW “Violent Reaction” in East LA, Saturday October 10 @ 7:00 PM
Santino Bros in South Gate, Saturday October 10 @ 8:00 PM
MWF Lucha Mex in Los Angeles, Saturday October 10 @ 8:00 PM
UIPW Lucha Libre in Montebello, Saturday October 10 @ 8:00 PM
CWFH TV Taping in Port Hueneme, Sunday October 11 @ 3:00 PM
Knokx Pro in Chula Vista, Sunday October 11 @ 5:00 PM
Lucha Libre VIP in Pico Rivera, October 11 @ 5:00 PM

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