[RECAP] OMB Wrestling Productions on July 26th 2015

OMB Wrestling Productions
Knights of Columbus Hall
July 26th 2015
Canoga Park, Ca

Good evening everyone, it’s your roaming reporter Socaluncensored’s Mike Draven here to give you a quick recap of OMB Wrestling Production’s event which took place on Sunday, July 26th 2015 from the Knights of Columbus Hall in Canoga Park, Ca. We kick off the show with a Triple Threat Match…

Triple Threat Match:
Parker Greaves def “Top Notch” Frankie Sagura (w/Lex Icon) & Bulletproof as Parker gets the pinfall on Sagura

6 Man Tag Team Match:
Team Hi Def (“Golden Heart” Drake Fortune & “The High Flying Sensation” Steven Andrews) & Oso OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALoco def Chaz Hererra (w/Lex Icon) & Urban Discipline (Max Ammo & Jimi Mayhem) as Oso Loco & Drake Fortune would hit splashes from the middle rope onto Chaz Hererra & Steven Andrews would finish with a Swanton Bomb on Hererra for the victory.

Ladies Match:
“Krazy” Kiara Dillon def Snow Cal Chloe with a Cutter

Jacob “The Riot” Diez def Parker Greaves with a Pumphandle Driver

Ryan Ramos def “Blackhart” Fern Owens with a Frog Splash from the Top Rope

Tag Team Match:
Midnight Delight (“Rock of Love” Billy Blade & “Rock-N” Richie Slade) def Los Luchas (Zokre & Phoenix Star) with a Double Team Double Cross Arm Backstabber on Phoenix Star for the win.

Self appointed OMB Wrestling Production Commissioner Danny “Monchichi” Rameriez would come out to reveal the OMB Wrestling Production Heavyweight Championship & would announce a tournament to be held for the championship as the finals would be in 2016. He would introduce one of the competitors in that tournament as “The Irish Juggernaut” Mikey O’Shea would come out to accept his invitation in the tournament until O’Shea’s opponent this evening Sgt Major Alexander Paul would come out & say, “Mikey O’Shea is here, I’m here & you have a championship, why don’t we settle it now & the winner becomes the champion” as the fans would per-sway “Monchichi” Rameriez to agree as we headOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA into our main event.

Main Event to crown the OMB Wrestling Production Heavyweight Champion:
Sgt Major Alexander Paul def “The Irish Juggernault” Mikey O’Shea via a TKO Neckbreaker to become the NEW OMB Wrestling Production Heavyweight Champion as both men would show sportsmanship afterwards.

Promoter Old Man Bill would thank everyone in attendance as he announce the possible next event to take place in October.

As for this event, it drew a small attendance with about 30-45 fans but these fans did get a decent show. Last minute cancellations eventually changed up the card a bit but still every wrestler gave their blood, sweat & tears for the fans in attendance. It was nice to see Former Glow Girl Roxy Astor in attendance to watch the action as well. As to my Matches of the night, I give the nod to these matches in no particular order:

Jacob Diez vs Parker Greaves:
Diez has been posting on Facebook about how he’s losing weight & it has helped him look better in this match up verse the Knokx Pro Student Parker Greaves. Watching Diez transformation is good as he showed a little more speed & power against the quicker Greaves. But Greaves already competed earlier in the evening still had enough to give Diez a good solid match with plenty of offense but in the end, the OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAveteran was able to stop the youngster. To Jacob Diez, congrats & continue with your new goal as you head into next weekend’s IWL Tag team championship match verses The Young Bucks in Baldwin Park. As to Parker Greaves, you did an amazing job competing in two matches as I know your fellow students & trainers at Knokx Pro would be proud of you & I hope to see you compete in more promotions down the road.

Fern Owens vs Ryan Ramos:
This by far was the most hard hitting match of the night as both wrestlers would use stiff forearm shots as well as fighting on the outside as you would hear the “SPLAT” of their bodies being suplexed on the floor. Even though Owens tried to use underhanded tactics, Ramos was able to get the best of him.

6 Man Tag team match:
Probably a mix of fun but with serious action as Urban Discipline continues to become a solid tag team in So Cal. The current UEW Tag Team Champions along with Chaz Hererra would display some good underhanded tactics as they would wear down their opponents in the match. Chaz Hererra is continuing to improve & did a great job in this match vs the tag team specialist Team Hi Def & Oso Loco. Loco never quit attitude in this match along with Team HD ring work & high flying moves gave the fans an exciting match.

Honorable Mention-Snow Cal Chloe vs Kiara Dillon:
It’s been some time since I’ve seen Kiara Dillon in person in a match as she’s usually competes in OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAVendetta Pro but to have her here was a treat for the fans but this was my 1st opportunity to see Snow Cal Chloe in action. The beautiful & powerful wrestler would take Dillon to the limit in as she would use her strength in this match but Dillon would capitalize on a mistake to get the win. I would love to see them both compete in more promotions down the road & give the fans a chance to see these ladies work together or against each other.

As always I would like to thank each & everyone one of you who continues to show your support to So Cal’s wrestling scene. Don’t forget to check up on the Socaluncensored Event Calendar for all shows in August!

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Until next time, this Mike Draven & I’ll see you at Ringside!