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2015 Promotion of the Year

This is Mike Draven with your weekly Lucha Underground recap Lucha Underground sept-oct 2014 flyer 2on the El Rey Network as we start off with seeing Dario Cueto in his office as it looks like he was polishing a championship until Big Ryck comes into the office along side his Cousin “The Mack” (aka Willie Mack) & Killshot. Big Ryck would say that he knows their was a “Hit” on him but Cueto disagree that a planned attack was planned. Cueto would also announce that tonight will kick off the Trios Tournament to crown the 1st ever Lucha Underground Trios Champions as it looks like Big Ryck, Killshot & The Mack are in the tournament.

As Sergio Arau & his band perform Matt Striker & Vampio welcome everyone & talked about the successful championship matches last week as both Alberto El Patron & Prince Puma retained, they mention that the Trio Tournament kicks off tonight for the next 4 weeks. We head up for the 1st match as Johnny Mundo faces Angelico.

Both men would start off at a fast pace using an arsenal of flips & kicks to wear down each other but Mundo with his Parkour training delivers a devastating kick on Angelico after hanging off the side of the rails at ringside. Both men would continue to trade off holds & offensive maneuvers until Angelico would deliver “The Fall of the Angels” (Razor’s Edge) on Mundo over at the turnbuckles on the other side of the ring & get a 2 count as Mundo with ring awareness knew to put his foot on the bottom rope. Both men would be set up on the top rope as Angelico attempted a Hurracarana on Mundo only to have it blocked as Angelico crashes to the mat allowing Mundo to hit “The End of the World” (Starship Pain) finisher.

Johnny Mundo def Angelico via “The End of the World” (Starship Pain) finisher

The Black Lotus would be writing down on her journal of the situation that’s been placed on her, about her revenge & ultimately being saved by El Dragon Azteca a descendant of one of the original aztec tribes but more importantly he was there when her family was slaughtered. He would go on to train her in the style of lucha to avenge her family.

Alberto El Patron is talking to Johnny Mundo about his match verses Angelico & as they shake hands, Mundo would ask why he’s here only to be joking with him. As Alberto would say his retort of the joke, Mundo would say he’s “The Face” of Lucha Underground as Alberto says “Exactly” before he leaves.

We return to Dario Cueto’s office as he is talking with Sexy Star & says he wants her part of tonight’s show but since her friends are still on the shelf, she would need new partners in tonight’s match as Superfly & Pentagon Jr would team up with Sexy Star as they face Big Ryck, Killshot & The Mack in the main event as Sexy Star leaves not happy with her partners but leaving a smile on Cueto’s face.

Next match is #4 in the Best of 5 Series for Dario Cueto’s Favors as Drago (w/1 victory) faces Aerostar (w/2 victories). Solid Lucha Libre wrestling between both Luchadors trading counter for counter, hold for hold on one another as the fans in the temple enjoy this match between Aerostar & Dargo. Aerostar would take flight in this match executing a great double jump somersault splash on Drago on the outside follow by a springboard sunset flip & his springboard splash from the center of the top rope onto Drago only for a 2 count. Drago would later on be on the offensive delivering a beautiful spinning corkscrew splash onto Aerostar which lead to a unique cradle pin to defeat Aerostar & evening up the series.

Drago def Aerostar via cradle pin

Both luchadors would shake hands but a strong staredown between both men would take place in the ring as to see who would win this series.

Again we return to Dario Cueto’s office as the we see the Trio’s championship belts displayed on his desk as Son of Havoc, Ivelisse & Angelico are with him. Cueto would comment on that all three haven’t had successful single careers & would place them as a Trio’s team as all 3 are not happy with this decision & next week they will face a team that hasn’t disappointed Cueto at the temple.

Main Event Trio’s Match as Big Ryck, The Mack & Killshot face the unlikely team of Sexy Star, Superfly & Pentagon Jr. Pentagon would talk on the mic & tell his master that despite having these partners, he’ll win the Trio’s championship solo because he’s Pentagon Jr & he has “NO FEAR”. Both Sexy Star & Superfly try to show sportsmanship to Pentagon Jr, he wouldn’t have any of that as he would start the match verses The Mack. As Striker & Vampiro talked about how the Trio’s division started, Mack would show some lucha libre style of wrestling that impressed the fans in the temple & for those who never seen Willie Mack before. But Pentagon would not let that get to him as he would deliver two hard hitting chops on Mack to the fan’s pleasure.

Pentagon would set up his armbreaker maneuver but Mack would be able to get out of it & tag in Killshot as Superfly would tag himself into the match. Superfly would use some high flying moves & tag Sexy Star as Killshot would gain control in the match. But Sexy Star would counter a move from Killshot as she sets up a spinning head scissors on Killshot as she went for the pinfall, Big Ryck would break up the cover. Ryck would order Mack & Killshot to do a double flying maneuver to Pentagon & Superfly who were on the outside of the ring as the temple goes nuts for this main event. As Ryck was looking to do his own dive on the outside, Sexy Star would hit a crossbody splash on Ryck for a 2 count.

Pentagon would try to work over Ryck but his power would be too much for Pentagon as Big Ryck took control until Pentagon hit a dropkick sending him to the outside & allowing Killshot in the match against Pentagon Jr. Killshot would deliver some kicks & a front face lung blower on Pentagon for a 2 count with Pentagon returning the favor & hitting his cradle driver on Killshot for a 2 count as well. Pentagon would set up Killshot on the top rope with Sexy star hitting a Hurracarana on him & then we saw Superfly hitting a Superfly splash on Killshot only to be broken up by Big Ryck.

Big Ryck hit his Uranage finisher only to have it broken up by Pentagon jr. Pentagon would nail Ryck some well placed kicks only to have Ryck hit a massive kick on Pentagon to send him to the outside. Sexy Star would attempt an offensive move on Ryck only to crash & burn as well. Superfly was about to attempt a dive only to be caught by Killshot’s somersault Cutter & Mack executing a deadly brain buster to set up Killshot’s Double foot stomp from the top rope as Mack goes for the pinfall victory.

Big Ryck, Killshot & The Mack def Sexy Star, Superfly & Pentagon Jr. Pentagon upset at the lose, would set up his armbreaker move on Superfly only to be saved by Sexy Star as both would leave the ring quickly as Pentagon stare down both luchadors as the show ends for the night.

Week after week, Lucha Underground continues to impress wrestling fans all around with its unique stories & action pack matches. I was in attendance on this episode & trust me fans, you don’t want to miss the upcoming weeks as we head towards the finals to see who would be crowned the 1st Lucha Underground Trio’s Champions in a couple of weeks.

Match of the Night goes in this order:
Aerostar vs Dargo
Johnny Mundo vs Angelico
Trio’s Match

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