[RECAP] UEW “Brutal Breed” on January 31st 2015

Underground Empire WrestlingUEW 1-31-15 flyer
“Brutal Breed”
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January 31st 2015
Sun Valley, Ca

This is the one & only, Socaluncensored.com’s own Mike Draven & I’m here to give you my recap of UEW’s Brutal Breed which took place Saturday Night January 31st from Sun Valley, Ca.

UEW’s commentator Kyle Wylde came out to get the audience hyped up for UEW’s first event of 2015. Also to remind everyone that UEW’s next event will take place on Saturday, February 21st at the New UEW home in East Los Angeles, Ca. He would introduce your ring announcer Bobby Hollywood as we get ready for some wrestling action.

#1 contendership to the UEW Eastern Pacific Championship:
“The Urban Juggernault” Sean Black def Torito Garcia with a viscous spear for the victory. After the match, the fans in attendance were very vocal to Torito Garcia as he left the ring. (Torito Garcia replace Johnny Saovi who wasn’t able to make it).

Before we went to the next match, Ryan Rage would make his way to the ring, introduced himself & say what his intentions were in UEW as he obtained his managerial license & will be scouting the UEW roster to see who he’ll think is worthy to guide them to the promise land.

UEW Tag Team Championship:
“Hip Hop” Harry Henderson & Christian Saint def Urban Discipline (Jimi Mayhem & Max Ammo) when Henderson rolled up Ammo with a school boy for the win & successfully retain the UEW Tag Team Championship. After, Diskord would make his way out & attack Henderson & Saint which would lead all three members of Urban Discipline to beat down on the Tag Team Champions. Urban Discipline would hoist the championships over there heads until help arrived to take the champs to the back.

Mikey O’Shea vs “Hatebreed” Ricky Barerra:
Just as Bobby Hollywood made his way into the ring to announce the next match, “Hatebreed” Ricky Barerra & Mikey O’Shea came out already fighting all around the ring before going inside the ring. Ryan Rage made his way out to take a closer look at the action & soon after Jacob “The Riot” Diez came out to cheer on his tag team partner Mikey O’Shea. But as the referee was dealing with Barerra, Diez would come in & Spear O’Shea in the match allowing Barerra to hit a Double Foot Stomp from the top rope & giving him victory.

Jacob Diez would then continue to attack Mikey O’Shea as Ryan Rage would tell the audience that Jacob Diez is no more & Markus Riot is back. It would seem Ryan Rage made good on his statement as it looks like he’s added 2 new members to his regime.

Daniel Torch vs “The High Flying Sensation” Steven Andrews went to the 10 min time limit. The fans in attendance would chant “5 more minutes” & UEW’s Michael Rummans would grant their request but again both wrestlers would reach the extra 5 minute time limit. But it was announced that Daniel Torch vs Steven Andrews would have another match on February 21st with “No Time Limit”, there must be a winner.

“Hatebreed” Ricky Barerra would return to the ring to pretty much boast himself & would go on to say that he doesn’t care that no one likes him as well as say that no one in the UEW roster can beat him. UEW Eastern Pacific Champion Mike Rayne would come out saying that he defeated him & he need to shut his trap. Barerra would then challenge Rayne for another shot at the UEW Eastern Pacific Championship only to have the NEW #1 contender “The Urban Juggernaut” Sean Black come out saying that he’s the only rightful #1 contender & he’ll be getting a title shot. This would lead up to Barerra trying to take down Rayne only to have him hit his Pumphandle Package Piledriver on Barerra but would get speared by Black. UEW would announced at the February 21st event that it will be a Triple Threat for the UEW Eastern Pacific Championship.

UEW Heavyweight Championship:UEW 1-31-15 Sledge New Champion photo
Bobby Hart would come out with the championship in hand as it looks like he was ready to relinquish the championship due to a severe injury. “The Metal Head Maniac” Sledge along with Dino Winwood would follow into the ring as Winwood said for Hart to do the right thing & hand the championship over only to have Hart attack both men & the UEW Championship has begun.

“The Metal Head Maniac” Sledge def Bobby Hart via submission by a Single Leg Boston Crab to become the NEW UEW Heavyweight Champion.

Carnage makes his in ring return to UEW after 9 years as he’s ready to face Red Bat in what would be a Hardcore Match. Both men would use Florescent Light Tubes on each other but the match would get thrown out due to the interference by Andre “The Vandal” Verdun as he charged into the ring & attacked Carnage. Security & Referees would not be able to contain both wrestlers from attacking each other but Verdun was able to lead to the back as a bloody Carnage would call out Michael Rummans to tell him that he warned him that this would happen having Verdun in UEW. Carnage would sign a waiver not holding UEW responsible in a match with “The Vandal”. Carnage would go on to say that if Rummans doesn’t give him Verdun then he can’t be held responsible for what Verdun would UEW 1-31-15 pic 1continue to do in UEW.

Insaniac (w/Danny “Monchichi” Rameriez) def Freddy Havoc as both men came off the top rope onto a wooden board held up by chairs, Insaniac would gingerly cover Havoc for the win. Unfortunately, as Insaniac was making his way to the back he would end up having an altercation with a fan at ringside as again Security & Referees would end up breaking them up.

Main Event Chain Link Match:
JD Horror def BC Killer when Sage Sin Supreme would come out & hit BC Killer with Fluorescent Light tubes & as he was distracted by Sage, JD Horror would touch all four corners to win. Both men would again brawl after the match was over as again Security & Referees would come out to separate them as the show concluded.

Underground Empire Wrestling is a promotion that dates back to the old XPW days & I will say that fans love the promotion. UEW continues to give everyone a little bit of everything with normal wrestling & the hardcore, death matches. The only thing I would caution is that since this was my 1st time checking out UEW, I wouldn’t recommend this promotion for children unless they’re teenagers as to all the hand gestures, verbal taunts, etc. Plus there was fan altercations with a couple of wrestlers during the show & I honestly don’t think that is suitable for children. So again I would say this promotion is for more Mature Audiences.

As far as big pops in the evening, would say that Sledge defeating Bobby Hart & Jacob Diez/Markus Riot turning on Mikey O’Shea, The Floescent Lighting spots in Carnage vs Red Bat & Sage using them on BC Killer got the pops in the night. As to my Matches of the Night, I give the nod to:

Sledge vs Bobby Hart
Ricky Barerra vs Mikey O’Shea
Daniel Torch vs Steven Andrews

UEW returns on Saturday, February 21st for the “F The World” event at their New & Permanent Location in East Los Angeles, Ca.
Already Announced:

No Time Limit Match:
Daniel Torch vs Steven Andrews

Triple Threat Match for the UEW Eastern Pacific Championship:
Mike Rayne (c) vs “Hatebreed” Ricky Barerra vs “The Urban Juggernaut” Sean Black

4 Corners Death Match:
“The Vandal” Andre Verdun vs ? vs ? vs ?
Will Michael Rummans allow Carnage to enter the match?

What will Ryan Rage & Markus Riot do at the next event & is there anyone that can stop them?

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