A Recap of AWS/WCA “Race for the Ring 2” Jan 23rd and 24th

AWS: The Handshake prior to the finals of the Race for the Ring
January 23rd and 24th, AWS/Wrestling Cares “Race for the Ring 2” tournament.  Large crowds were on hand for both nights of this unique wrestling event. In the end, Wrestling Cares donated $800 to help Lovi continue her fight, and gave an Industry Award to Nigel McGuinness.

Time limits: 8:00 + 3:00 sudden death OT for the women, 10:00 + 3:00 sudden death OT for the tag teams. Final–12:00 for the women, 15:00 + 5:00 OT for the tag teams
Ironman-style matches: 1 pt. for a pinfall, submission, or countout. DQ results in 1 pt. for the opponent. Referee discretion applies when making match decisions.

All times given in the match summary are approximate. Throughout the tag team tournament, PPRay defended the AWS Tag Team titles.

NIGHT 1 – 1/23/15 (All tournament matches were Round 1 Contests)

1 – Mariah Moreno d. Kikyo Nakamura 2-1
* 2:00 – Mariah scored via p. w/ a DDT
* 4:30 – Kikyo scored via p. w/ a Moonsault
* 7:40 – Mariah scored with an Ankle Lock tapout sub.
Strong opening match that saw both women pick up where they had left off at their previous encounter in the 3rd Women’s Tournament from September 2013.

2 – Sage Sin Supreme d. Brittany Wonder 1-0
Referee Justin Borden called off the match at the 7:00 mark, after Brittany Wonder took a nasty fall from the top rope, and was ruled technically knocked out.

3 – PPRay (Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas) d. Los Luchas (Phoenix Star & Zokre) 2-1
* 3:15 – Los Luchas scored when Phoenix Star p. PPA
* 8:15 – PPRay scored when Rosas p. Zokre w/ the team finisher
* 9:59 – PPRay scored the winner when PPA p. Zokre w/ a rollup
A high-quality tag team match that was virtually neck-and-neck, when you count the combination of spots, with numerous near-falls.

4 – Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe & Lester The Legend) d. Revolution (Sasha Darevko & Fidel Bravo) 3-0
* 5:30 – RS scored when Adam p. Fidel w/ the Springboard Double-Stomp
* 9:00 – RS scored when Adam p. Fidel off of a move from Lester
* 9:57 – RS scored when Adam p. Fidel w/ what looked like a Modified Tombstone Piledriver
Hard to tell if having Che Cabrera in the match instead of Fidel would’ve changed things, but Reno Scum dominated in the ring throughout this match.

5 – Kahmora d. Raze 1-0 w/ a Double-Stomp at around the 6:40 mark.
Great, even match that saw Kahmora do some of things that was first seen at Last December’s IWL show.

6 – Nicole Savoy d. Taeler Hendrix 1-0 w/ a 1:00 LeBell Lock at 7:55.
An incredibly strong, even match, especially when you consider Taeler suffered a concussion in this match, most likely from either going head-first onto the mat while taking a Royal Butterfly slam from Nicole, or being put in that long-lasting submission hold.

7 – Los Bandidos (Rico Dynamite & Tito Escondido) d. Footloose (Todd Chandler & Daniel Joseph) 2-1
* 3:00 – FL scored off of a DQ ruling by Referee Justin Borden for Rico’s interference
* 4:20 – LB scored when Tito p. Todd w/ a Team Elbow Strike
* 5:45 – LB scored when Tito p. Todd again, this time with their team finisher
Fairly even match, even though “The Bad Dudes” used evasive tactics in the final minute to seal the win.

8 – Hania d. Datura 2-1
* 5:00 – Hania scored w/ a rollup p.
* 6:00 – Datura scored w/ a sit-down p. to counter a Victory Roll attempt
* 8:00 – Hania scored via p. off of what was probably her signature Neckbreaker
Referee Rick Knox ruled that Hania scored the winning pin just as regulation time expired, a decision that didn’t go so well with the fans. Otherwise, it was a strong, even match.

9 – Forever Hooligans (Rocky Romero & Alex Koslov) d. The Suburban Commandos (T-Rent & D-Unit) 1-0
It was a pretty even match, then Rocky sold a chair shot at the 9:00 mark for a score off a DQ.

SM – Christina Von Eerie d. Candice LeRae 4-3
* 1:15 – Candice scored via p. w/ the Missile Dropkick
* 2:00 – CVE scored via p. w/ a Backbreaker
* 3:40 – Candice scored via p. w/ the Top Rope Raccoon Neckbreaker
* 5:15 – Both women got a point for a double-countout when unable to get on their feet to answer a 10-count from Referee Nick Lera.
* 7:30 – CVE scored w/ an extended Bow & Arrow tapout sub.
* 7:55 – CVE scored the winner w/ a rollup p.
The best Round 1 Ladies match. Both women showed why they got listed in the 2014 PWI Female 50, with some sweet high spots, that got the crowd going.

M – Lone non-tourney match. B-Boy successfully defended the Heavyweight title over Papadon & Johnny Gargano.
A great men’s triple-threat match that saw B-Boy p. Papadon w/ a countering Ace Crusher, rolled into the Shining Wizard.

1 – 6-ladies tag team action. Candice LeRae, Datura, & Brittany Wonder d. Raze, Kikyo Nakamura, & Kitana Vera (who subbed for Taeler Hendrix).
Spotfest, with a mini finisher parade. Candice scored the winner, p. Kitana w/ the Mustache Ride.


2 – Nicole Savoy d. Kahmora 2-1
* 1:20 – Savoy scored w/ an Armbar tapout sub.
* 2:20 – Savoy scored w/ a Guillotine Choke tapout sub.
* 3:50 – Kahmora scored via p. w/ a Facebuster
An incredibly strong, even match that was very technical. Kahmora tried to get a tying point w/ a submission hold on Savoy, but ran out of time.

3 – PPRay d. Los Bandidos 3-2
* 4:00 – PPRay scored a point after Rico didn’t break his Corner Stomps on PPA after the 5-Count by Referee Rick Knox, resulting in a DQ
* 5:25 – PPRay scored when PPA p. Rico w/ a combination of team strikes
* 6:15 – PPRay scored a point when Rico kicked PPA in the nuts, for another DQ
* 6:55 – LB scored a point when Rico p. PPA w/ the Death Valley Driver
* 9:55 – LB scored a point when Tito p. PPA w/ the Brainbuster
“The Bad Dudes” continued their beatdown on PPRay after the bell, and they were relentless.

4 – Forever Hooligans d. Reno Scum 3-2
* 2:30 – RS scored when Lester p. Alex off of Adam’s Springboard Double-Stomp
* 8:15 – RS scored when Adam p. Alex w/ the Death Valley Driver
* 9:00 – FH scored when Alex p. Adam
* 9:15 – FH scored when Alex put Adam in a One-Legged Boston Crab for a tapout sub.
* 9:55 – FH scored the winner when Alex wrenched a Knee-Lock or Leglock on Adam for a tapout sub.
A strong, even match, but the Hooligans were just a notch better.

5 – Hania d. Sage Sin Supreme 4-3
* 1:10 – Sage scored via p. w/ the Code Red
* 2:05 – Hania scored via p. w/ a Stomp to the back of Sage’s head
* 4:05 – Sage scored via p. w/ a Powerbomb
* 4:35 – Hania scored via p. w/ a Neckbreaker
* 5:10 – Hania scored via p. w/ a Reversal inside Cradle/Small Package rollup
* 6:35 – Sage scored via a reversal p.
* 7:55 – Hania scored via p. w/ a Neckbreaker
A great, even match that saw Sage prove that she can hang with some of the best in the indies today.

6 – Mariah Moreno d. Christina Von Eerie 1-0 w/ a p. off of the Michinoku Driver at 6:15.
Mariah paid a heavy price for the win, as she got her back picked apart by CVE, including a pair of Bow & Arrow submission holds; the 2nd submission hold was one that she refused to give in as time expired.

7 – Papadon & Johnny Gargano d. B-Boy & Willie Mack
Great tag team match that saw Papadon make Willie Mack give chase late in the match, and Johnny Gargano countered the Shining Wizard attempt, grabbing B-Boy by the knees, and put him in the STF for the tapout sub.
AWS: The Handshake prior to the finals of the Race for the Ring

Rosas and Koslov shake hands before the finals

8 – TAG TEAM FINAL: PPRay v. Forever Hooligans
* 4:30 – FH scored when Alex p. PPA w/ a Cradle Rollup
* 10:10 – FH scored when Rocky p. PPA w/ the team finisher
* 11:30 – PPRay scored when PPA p. Alex w/ a Senton Bomb off of Rosas’s Backstabber
* 13:20 – PPRay scored a point with the successful sell of a chair shot, resulting in a DQ by Referee Rick Knox
* 4:00 into OT – PPA p. Alex w/ a rollup

This was a total spotfest, even though PPA was nursing his painful neck after the beatdown from Los Bandidos. Both teams went down to the wire for this one, but the Tag Team Champs prevailed.

SM – 15:00 Lightweight Championship 6-man Points Gauntlet: Famous B v. Mariachi Loco v. El Ridiculoso v. Ryan Taylor v. Lil Cholo v. SoCal Crazy
* 3:10 – B p. Loco w/ the Flashing Lights
* 4:10 – Ridiculoso p. Loco
* 5:50 – Cholo put B in the STF for the tapout sub.
* 6:45 – Taylor p. Ridiculoso w/ the Perfect Circle
* 7:00 – Loco p. Taylor
* 10:40 – SCC p. B
* 10:45 – B p. SCC
* 12:15 – Loco p. SCC w/ the Superkick
* 14:30 – Loco p. B w/ the Superkick
FINAL SCORE: Mariachi Loco 3, Famous B 2, All others scored 1
** MARIACHI LOCO wins the AWS Lightweight Title! **

Reasonably chaotic match, with alot of spots.

M – WOMEN’S FINAL: Nicole Savoy v. Hania v. Mariah Moreno
* 5:00 – Savoy scored by putting Mariah in the Boston Crab for a tapout sub.
* 5:30 – Hania scored via p. on Savoy w/ the Neckbreaker
* 11:55 – Savoy scored by putting Hania in the Guillotine Choke for the tapout sub.
FINAL SCORE: Nicole Savoy 2, Hania 1, Mariah Moreno 0

A strong, even match, although Mariah was out for most of the match, as her back had been worn down hard by CVE, and both Savoy & Hania targeted that part of her body.

Overall, a fantastic weekend of wrestling. Plenty of money was raised that weekend for the “Lovi Fund”, and all the wrestlers put everything on the line. PPRay had stated Last December, that 2015 would be a bigger year for them. Well, they’re off to a great start. Nicole Savoy’s tournament win was one most deserving of such a talented female wrestler, and that should help her earn a shot at Hudson Envy & the Women’s title.


Night 1: B-Boy v. Papadon v. Gargano, then CVE v. Candice, then PPRay v. Los Luchas
Night 2: PPRay v. Hooligans, then Savoy v. Hania v. Mariah, then the Lightweight Championship Gauntlet
For all of my photos from this show, please follow the links for my galleries for Night 1 and Night 2