[RECAP] EWF “Jingle Slam 5” on December 5th 2014

This is Mike Draven with another Draven Unscripted as I EWF 12-5-2014 flyersrecap the Empire Wrestling Federation’s Jingle Slam 5 event which took place on Friday, December 5th from Covina, Ca.

EWF’s Ring Announcer Ben Tomas welcomes everyone & introduces the commentating team of Wade Needman & “The Expert” Matt Sinister to the crowd.

Flecha Fugaz def Marvilla Tres Jr via a Front Falling Lungbuster finisher

“Top Shelf” Jeremy Jaegar (w/Crystal Michelle) def Jacob “The Riot” Diez (w/Lizzy Sunshine) with a Flatliner after a fail moonsault attempt by Diez.

After the match, Sunshine was checking on her man until Crystal Michelle started arguing with Lizzy Sunshine & a Catfight ensued only to have Nikkie Hollywood come out to get involved herself aiding Lizzy Sunshine. The fans praised Jacob Diez with a “You are Awesome” as he made his way to the back.

“The SuperTsar” Sasha Darevko made his way to the ring & talked about he’s a superior athlete & that he’ll be taking over the EWF with no “pussycats” being able to stop “The Shaman of Sexytime” until “The Overnight Celebrity” RJ Ruiz came out. As Ruiz & Darevko are arguing in the ring, Crystal Michelle came out to what appeared trying to break them up before it became physical only to allow “Top Shelf” Jeremy Jaegar to hit Ruiz with a steel chair & decimate him in front of the fans. After officials removed Jaegar & Michelle from ringside, Sasha Darevko took that moment to pose on top of a unconscious RJ Ruiz.

Brute Baretto def “The Gladiator” Chris Bryant w/a School boy pin with is feet on the ropes.

10 Man Elimination Tag Team Match:
Team 1: “Uptown” Andy Brown & The Von Dooms (Vintage Dragon & Cyanide), The Viking Warrior & “The Baby Bull” Vance Garret
Team 2: EWF American Champion Richie Slade, Seville the Thrill, Archimedes & The Triangle of Terror (Uday Ukleja & Abu the Terrible)

“Uptown” Andy Brown & The Von Dooms (Vintage Dragon & Cyanide) were the survivors of the match last defeating Seville the Thrill to win the match. Order of Elimination is as follows:

Archimedes by “The Baby Bull” Vance Garret
“The Baby Bull” Vance Garret by Uday Ukelja
Uday Ukekja by The Viking Warrior
Abu the Terrible by “Uptown” Andy Brown
The Viking Warrior by Seville the Thrill
Richie Slade by “Uptown” Andy Brown
Seville the Thrill by Vintage Dragon after Dragon, Cyanide & Andy Brown hit all their finishers on Seville

EWF Tag Team Championship:
The Fallen Empire (Ryan Taylor & Mondo Vega) & Connected (Tyshaun Prince & “The Mega King” Thomas the Great w/Walt Wizeone Zeman & Queen Ashley) went to a Double Countout. Both teams continue to fight after the match with EWF Commissioner Frank Mott to announce at January 9th in Covina, Ca it will be Fallen Empire vs Connected for the EWF Tag Team Championship in a No DQ/No Countout Match.

With SoCal Crazy in the ring, we were about ready for a Special Attraction match. Gary Yap made his way to the ring followed by his wrestler dressed all in black (Black Mask, black outfit, no name)to introduced himself in front of the crowd only to get some major heat from the crowd chanting “Shut Your Yap”. He pleaded to SoCal Crazy to just leave before he gets hurt with SoCal Crazy asking fans if he should stay or go only to get a response of STAY.

Special Attraction Match:
Gary Yap’s Man in Black def SoCal Crazy w/a “Clothesline from Hell” style Lariat for the win.

EWF Heavyweight Championship:
“Ironman” Mike Maze def Friar Juan Roman w/a Elbow drop Maze 3 12-5-14from the top rope to once again become the EWF Heavyweight Champion for a 5th time. After the match, the fans surrounded the ring & praised Mike Maze on defeating his rival & becoming champion again. Maze thanked the fans & the show ended.

The EWF once again put on a stellar event for their fans in Covina, Ca. The place was jammed packed as this event would be the 1st of 2 Holiday shows for EWF & the fans donated a lot of toys to their toy drive. It was announced that The Travel Channel was here to record the event for a special & will be broadcast at a later date (Once we hear from EWF, will share it on here on when you can see EWF special). As to my Matches of the Night, everyone gave the fans of the EWF everything. A tons of cheering & praises to all the stars but in the end my picks are:

Jeremy Jaeger vs Jacob Diez
10 Man Elimination Match
Mike Maze vs Friar Juan Roman

EWF returns on Friday, December 19th for their final event of 2014 in Azusa, ca. For more details, click on the link:

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  1. Yeah, I was pretty upset that I had to miss this event. I’m still feeling under the weather. Nevertheless, I’m really hoping to make it to Azusa.

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