SoCal Spotlight: Sasha Darevko Part 1

Originally intended to be a written interview that sat on my audio recorder far too long, this premier edition of the SoCal Spotlight Series with the man known as Sasha Darevko.  I apologize for it not being more polished in advance, this interview was originally conducted in August.  We discuss how Sasha got into the business of pro wrestling, the talent that have come from Southern California, the Mike Vega Saga, why he left wrestling and what drove him to come back.  We also discuss the effects of expansion in indie wrestling and how that impacts the market.  And more… please listen, won’t you?

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2 Comments on "SoCal Spotlight: Sasha Darevko Part 1"

  1. Benjamin Tomas | 11/14/2014 at 2:08 AM |

    Very interesting listen. Well done

  2. Glad you enjoyed it Ben, we just scratched the surface and should have the second part up the first of the week.

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