Santino Brossantino 6-13-14 flyer2
June 13th 2014
Bell Gardens, Ca

Willie Mack def Hoss Hogg

Fern Owen def Biagio Crezenzo – Post match, Fern called out Allie Parker. Saying he wants to punish her.

Seville Alvarez def Ali Hussein

Sasha Darevko def Pinky

BC Killer def Eli Everfly

Santino Bros Championship:
“The Butcher” Tyler Bateman def Che Cabrera via DQ when Cabrera hit a low blow

Company vs Career Match:
Rico Dynamite, Tito Escondido and Voodoo Kaos defeated Santino Bros Submission Champion Famous B, Sgt Major and Robby Phoenix when Robby turned on Sgt Major. Referee Jeremy Marcus gave Team Kaos the win but Sgt Major cried foul saying the contract is null due to his partner betraying him. Santino Bros Officials are scheduled to meet Saturday morning for a re-review and an official ruling.

It was announced that Santino Bros Wrestling and AWS Promotions will be holding a joint show at The American Legion Hall in South Gate, CA. July 25th, 2014. Details coming soon.

Credit: Santino Bros