[Recap] Santino Bros May 30th 2014

This is Draven UnScripted with a recap of the Santino Bros Event from Bell Gardens, Ca on Friday May 30th via Ustream.com.
Show starts off with Sgt Major Alexander Paul coming out to santino 5-30-14 flyer2talk about Robby Phoenix joining the winning team along side Submission Champion Famous B & Jezabel until BC Killer comes out which Sgt Major puts BC Killer vs Robby Phoenix right now. (I believe Ustream.com started a few mins late after start of the show, So I missed the beginning of the promo).

Robby Phoenix def BC Killer by DQ when BC tried to use a chair. After the match, Phoenix uses the chair to hurt BC Killer.

Brian Kendrick def Seville The Thrill w/Slice Bread finisher after a fail attempt of using powder on Kendrick by Seville.

Fern Owens comes out to talk challenge Allie Parker to a 10 min showdown & says last nights match at Wrestling Pro Wrestling was a fluke.

Allie Parker (w/Hoss Hogg) def Fern Owens with a school boy roll up w/a distraction from Hogg.

Sasha Darevko def Ali Hussen with a Gory Special Neckbreaker.

Pinky def Hoss Hogg (w/Allie Parker) with a “Pinkybomb” Powerbomb finisher after Hogg was distracted from Fern Owens. After the match, Owens joined Pinky in throwing Hogg out of ring & raised his arm in victory.

Eli Everfly def “Charming” Biagio Crescenzo via Triangle Choke Submission.
(On a side note, Thank you to Santino Bros Commentating team for acknowledging Eli Everfly as The Rookie of the Year)

Santino Bros Submission Championship:
Famous B def Jacob “The Riot” Diez via Front Guillotine Choke to retain the championship. Afterwards, The Army of Truth comes out to attack Diez until Tito Escondido comes out but Famous B attacks him with the championship & Sgt major calls for a ref to start his match.

Tito Escondido & Sgt Major Alexander Paul’s match was thrown out due to The Army of Truth attack Tito Escondido while the ref was unconscious. Kaos & Rico Dynamite came out to save Tito & Sgt Major says the Company isn’t big enough for them all & at the next show its Career vs Company as Sgt Major Alexander Paul, Famous B & Robby Phoenix vs Kaos, Rico Dynamite & Tito Escondido. If Sgt Major wins, then Kaos, Dynamite or Escondido are gone but if Kaos, Dynamite & Escondido win, they gain back Santino Bros on June 13th.

Main Event for The Santino Bros Championship:
Che Cabrera (w/Chaz) def Willie Mack via DQ when Cabrera threw the Championship at Mack & faked being hit by the belt to get Mack DQ’d as the Ustream feed ends.

Tonight’s show was a good one as usual from Santino Bros. Good crowd & great matches but to my Match of the Night, Here are my picks:

Eli Everfly vs “Charming” Biagio Crescenzo
Pinky vs Hoss Hogg
Brian Kendrick vs Seville the Thrill
Famous B vs Jacob Diez

Next Santino Bros event will be on Friday, June 13th with Company vs Career 6 man tag team match. Until next time, this is Mike Draven..signing off.

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