Recap of the Dynamite D Memorial Show, May 2nd

This CHAOS COLUMN is a recap of SBWA “Dynamite D Memorial Show” May 2nd 2014 at the SBWA Dojo.  A capacity crowd was on hand for the annual SBWA show that pays tribute to the late Dynamite D. A tribute video was shown by Kaos & Jezabel, and then a 10-bell salute and a moment of silence was observed

1 – Robbie Phoenix p. Hoss Hogg Good opener that saw Robbie hit a Falcon Arrow or Michinoku Driver for the pin.


2 – Tyler Bateman beat SoCal Crazy with what looked like an Anaconda Vise.

3 – Tito Escondido beat Sasha Darevko with the Cross Armbreaker.

4 – Famous B made short work of Fern Owen (who subbed for Bobby Rios), hitting an Enziguri, then the Flashing Lights, then a DDT, into a Guillotine Choke.

5 – Laberinto beat Kayam, locking in a Crossface after dodging the Top Rope Senton

6 – Che Cabrera successfully defended the SBWA Heavyweight title, countering Voodoo Kaos’s Top Rope Crossbody into a rollup for the pin.


7 – Tito Escondido beat Tyler Bateman with the Cross Armbreaker.

8 – Famous B beat Laberinto with the Guillotine Choke after hitting the Flashing Lights

9 – The Flashback Battle Royal. Many of the talents working the show did their own version of classic wrestling legends, although Eli Everfly went another way, and did his own version of Yoda–possibly observing “Star Wars Day” on 5/4. Pinky entered twice, first as his own version of Jake “The Snake” Roberts, then as Bret Hart. Sage Sin & Shelly Martinez also teamed up as “Legionettes of Doom”. It came down to Damien Arsenick–as “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan, and Ruby Raze–who did her own version of the recently deceased Ultimate Warrior. Raze did the said gimmick well, knocking “Hollywood” Damien over the top rope for the win, and was congratulated by “Macho Man” Ray Rosas.

10 – Sgt. Maj. Alexander Paul squashed Ali Hussein with what looked like a F5.

M – The Dynamite D Memorial Submission Tourney Final between Famous B & Tito Escondido. Sgt. Maj. Alexander Paul would force a reversal of the initial decision by Referee Jason McCord, after Tito used the “banned” F5 to roll it into the Cross Armbreaker for the initial tapout. As it was, Famous B goes down as the tournament winner, and the first holder of the submission title.

Shot of the Night 05-03-14 -SBWA

Shot of the Night 05-03-14 -SBWA


Overall, a great show. Everyone who worked the Flashback Battle Royal did a great job working out the gimmicks of the legends. The tournament itself was very good, as it made the wrestlers show their technical abilities. MOTN goes to the Flashback Battle Royal.

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