Jay Cal’s View #78

RockNES Monsters are heading to land of the Rising Son, tonight you can Cut That Promo with John Morrison, the EWF Podcast is now on iTunes, so is talkNWA, Brian Fury will be on this week, is there anyone better than Scorpio Sky right now?  Does anyone else find it weird that there are only 2 shows this weekend?

RockNES Monsters Going to Japan
All good monsters come from Japan. Godzilla, that creepy kid from the Ring, Rita Repulsa and Goldar and now… the duo of Johnny Goodtime and Johnny Yuma. The RockNES join names like Kenny Omega, El Generico, and Shiima Xion as they are set to make their way to Japan. Their first match will be on June 17th.  I wish them the best of luck smuggling in all kinds of cool video games and other rad things only found in Japan.

Cut That Promo
If you like Comedy and John Morrison and would like to see them together then you should check out ‘Cut That Promo’ who will be on the Main State of the 10th annual Los Angeles Improv Comedy Festival at IO West!  Make sure you make your way TONIGHT to this comedy festival.  Johnny Nitro makes his NWA Hollywood debut Sunday taking on Austin Draven for NWA Hollywood.

EWF Podcast
Check out the EWF on iTunes. You can listen to the Empire Newswire with Wade Needham or watch matches! Up now is Tab Jackson vs The Mega Queen!

Talk NWA
This weeks TalkNWA will feature Brian Fury.  Fury who competes across the North East is a regular for the newly NWA Affiliated New England Championship Wrestling and is the NWA On Fire Heavyweight Champion.  We’ll be talking about his starts, the New England Pro Wrestling Academy, being the On Fire Champion, the news about NWA On Fire’s new TV Deal with TUFF TV and more.  Please join us, 646-478-3019

 Scorpio Sky
Is there anyone better right now than Scorpio Sky?  The extended win streak in NWA Hollywood, always puts for a great performance in PWG and really where ever you see Sky you know, you’re going to get an incredible match.  I will be in attendance for my first ever Pro Wrestling Coalition event and I am really looking forward to seeing Scorpio Sky vs. Aerial Star.  I was fortunate enough to attend the Finale of New Wave Pro Wrestling and got to see Aerial Star’s return to the ring.  I thought the match was a one off with Ric Ellis.  But apparently with a match at SoCal Pro and this match with Sky, Star is coming back.  When Sky was on my podcast last weekend he made reference multiple times how much he respect Scott Lost and with the history of Star and Lost, this match could be phenomenal.  And the very next night, the TV Champ heads to LA to face off against Chavo Guerrero Jr.  for NWA Hollywood.

Upcoming Schedule:

Pro Wrestling Coalition
Saturday June 9th 2012 • 5:00PM
Bloomington High School
10750 Laurel St. Bloomington
Tickets: $10 Family Packs $40.
Featuring: Duke & Anchors Away vs. Jarek Matthews, Kid Caramba, & Gabe Schaefer

NWA Hollywood & El Pappy present Live Wrestling
Sunday June 10th 2012 • 4:00PM
Pappy’s Place
7962 Salt Lake Ave, Huntington Park
Tickets: $20
Featuring: Non Title: Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. NWA Int. TV Champion Scorpio Sky


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