Paul London to open new pro-wrestling school in Southern California

Three-time WWE Tag Team and former Cruiserweight Champion Paul London is thrilled to announce the
launch of Paul London’s Kayfabe Academy, an all-new professional wrestling school located in South
Gate, CA. Named for the commitment within the industry to uphold the integrity and mystique of
professional wrestling, the school is set to train current and aspiring wrestlers in both fundamental and
advanced techniques needed to succeed in the business. With over 20 years of experience in the squared
circle, Paul London’s innovative combination of high-flying technical expertise and unique character
work has had a profound impact on today’s most popular performers. When asked about his approach to
training, London responded: “My overall goal with Kayfabe Academy is to offer wrestlers a foundation
built on wrestling. Those training with me will learn how to wrestle both on the mat and in the ring as
professionals. These individuals should take pride in their ‘craft’ by implementing the commitment and
discipline it takes to protect their artistry, as well as the integrity of professional wrestling.”

Paul London’s Kayfabe Academy will open to the public on December 3, 2023, with Kamp Kayfabe, a
five-day intensive training program. The program will culminate with a student showcase on Thursday,
December 7th, that will give trainees an opportunity to display what they’ve learned. The school will
begin offering weekly classes in January 2024.

WHAT: Paul London’s Kayfabe Academy gives current and aspiring professional wrestlers the
opportunity to learn from Paul London, a former three-time WWE Tag Team Champion, WWE
Cruiserweight Champion, and a star and producer of El Rey’s Lucha Underground.

WHEN: Kamp Kayfabe, a five-day intensive training program that’s open to wrestlers of all skill-levels, will
begin on Sunday, December 3, 2023. Weekly classes will commence in January 2024, with training offered for beginners and more advanced skill-levels.

WHERE: Paul London’s Kayfabe Academy is located in South Gate, CA, (Los Angeles).
Follow Paul London’s Kayfabe Academy on Instagram (@Kayfabe_Academy) for updates.
To apply to Kamp Kayfabe:

About Paul London

Born in Austin, Texas, Paul London has always had a passion for performing both in and out of the squared circle. Trained by professional wrestling legends, Terry and Dory Funk, Jr., Ivan Putski, and Rick Bassman, London first gained national attention as one of the breakout stars of Ring of Honor. After signing with WWE at the age of 23, London would go on to become a nationally recognized superstar, capturing the WWE Tag Team titles three times and holding singles gold as the Cruiserweight Champion. After several years in the WWE, London would return to Pro Wrestling Guerilla and the independent scene. In 2016, Paul London would join the cast of El Rey’s Lucha Underground, appearing as a performer and contributing behind the scenes as a producer. In addition to appearing on national television as a wrestler for the better part of a decade, London is an accomplished actor, appearing in feature films, popular television programs, and commercials.

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