Principe Unlimited Did Not Lose Mask!

Principe Unlimited Courtesy of Slam SPorts

Principe Unlimited Courtesy of Slam Sports

Alex4U reported on the Message Board that Principe Unlimited who was featured in Lucha Libre: Life Behind the Mask lost his mask in Arena Mexico.  It seems this was perhaps a Dia de los Inocentes in Mexico (the equivalent of April Fool’s) hoax. We apologize to Principe Unlimited.
Good afternoon to all. I am very disappointed to the fact that someone posted in a very known web page that I have lost my mask in Mexico City. I did not know this was happening, but thanks to one of my near contacts in Mexico and here in California I was able to acknowledge it. I have not put my mask on the line, and I have not lost it. Whoever posted is lying and I will take legal action against them. I don’t know if it’s a joke or what, but I will investigate and find the source of this miserable and disgraceful gossip. I even received a phone call from my brother in Mexico asking me about this. I have posted in my twitter account–PrincipeUSA my disappointment for all my friend and relatives in Mexico as well. I know many will enjoy and love seen Principe Unlimited unmasked and defeated, but that will never happen. They will have to kill me literately in the ring for that to happen.

Principe Unlimited has been an important part of the Lucha Scene in Southern California wrestling for many Lucha Libre promotions in SoCal, FMLL, El Pappy Pineda, AWS, HWP, and countless others.