Lucha Nation presented by LCW Jan 15

On Sunday January 15th a new year begins for us here in Legion Championship Wrestling as we bring to you our newest promotion; LUCHA NATION. When we first started Legion Championship Wrestling on September 12th 2010 our goal was to produce a show that focused half on American style Pro Wrestling, and the other half on the Lucha Libre style.

Somewhere along the way we lost that goal as we became to Americanized, as our shows focused a lot more on the pro wrestling / extreme style. Although some would say that they liked how our shows turned out, we feel that we lost a big market of potential fans that prefer the Lucha Libre they grew up watching.

After a few months of playing with the idea of starting an all Lucha Libre show, and the fact that a lot of luchadores have asked to wrestle for us here in LCW we decided that the beginning of the year would be the perfect time to start this promotion. So on Sunday January 15th 2012 we present to all the fans that love Lucha Libre, a show just for you from a new promotion that will showcase the top Lucha Libre talent here on the west coast. And since LUCHA NATION is powered by LCW, you know it will have the great production that comes with every LCW show. Stay tuned for more details on this new great promotion and set your date for Sunday January 15th for the debut of LUCHA NATION live at the Casa Del Mexicano.