PWG’s First Annual ”Battle of Los Angeles” on September 3 & 4!

By Silverback, PWG Staff Writer

Don Pedro Reservoir, CA – As Pro Wrestling Guerrilla”s ( biggest tournament since the last one quickly approaches, nerves are frayed and patience is at it”s end in the offices of SoCal Valerie Wyndham and Dino Winwood, the PWG commissionatorial staff. Word came late last week that Chris Sabin had injured his jaw, and would be unable to compete in the Battle of Los Angeles Tournament, and that it was in the hands of SoCal Val to find a suitable replacement. Never being one to shirk responsibility, and seeing herself as more of a teacher than anything else, Val left the job of finding someone else up to the still-wet-behind-the-ears Dino Winwood, while she flew across the country to flirt and carouse with men of varying levels of fame and virtue. Coming off of what most consider to be a successful event with “Smells Like Steen Spirit,” Dino felt confident that he could find the perfect man. Sure, it would be easy to get someone like Kamala, this being an open weight tournament and all, but really, who couldn”t see Frankie Kazarian pinning the Ugandan Giant in less than a minute after a top rope Flux Capacitor? No, this tournament requires someone that the fans would embrace, yet would provide a challenge to whoever he was in the ring with, and Dino Winwood knew exactly who that would be.After a quick phone call, a fancy lunch, and a rather lengthy session of not only begging, but pleading as well, Mr. Winwood was proud to announce that Chris Sabin”s replacement in the Battle of Los Angeles would be none other than Rocky Romero! Since SoCal Val was out of town, and Extreme PWG Secretary Judy Sorensen was still at lunch, Dino had no one to announce it to, however, that”s beside the point. Now, the first round of the Battle of Los Angeles, taking place Saturday, September 3, is as follows:

Block A:
Super Dragon vs. Kevin Steen
Jack Evans vs. AJ Styles
Christopher Daniels vs. Scott Lost
American Dragon vs. Ricky Reyes

Block B:
James Gibson vs. Joey Ryan
Chris Bosh vs. El Generico
TJ Perkins vs. Quicksilver
Frankie Kazarian vs. Rocky Romero

Though Chris Sabin”s injury will prevent him from competing in the tournament, he will still be in attendance, and has promised to make an impact in one way or another. Also in attendance for Night 2, as a special attraction, will be NOSAWA & Kikutaro (formerly Ebessan) from All Japan Pro Wrestling! While NOSAWA has competed in PWG as recently as May, some fans may be unfamiliar with Kikutaro, and if you are one of those people, shame on you! However, you may rest assured that you will be delighted, and we mean that in the most literal sense possible, by the unique professional wrestling style of Kikutaro!

While we”re talking about the literal use of words, let me point out to the other writers in the professional wrestling community that the word is “formerly,” and not “formally.” “Formally” would imply that it was official, or by principle, as in “Formally known as Lord Reginald Windsor III, Esquire,” while “formerly” would imply that was how things were, or used to be, as in “James Gibson, formerly known as Jamie Noble.” I”ve seen the words mixed up quite a few times in recent months, and I don”t know how everyone else feels, but it really bugs me. So get it right next time, please?

Also making its return to PWG at the first annual Battle of Los Angeles tournament will be the world famous PWG Logo T-Shirts! Available in both classic Green and stylish Black, you”ll be the talk of the town when you dazzle folks with your very own PWG Logo T-shirt! Already have all 3 versions of the classic PWG Logo Tee? Fear not, loyal fan, because the limited edition Battle of Los Angeles T-Shirt will be available to purchase as well! But be quick to get your tournament t-shirt, because much like the All Star Weekend shirts, once they sell out, they will never be printed ever again! We have taken steps to guarantee the limited availability by burning the screen used to print the shirts, and actually shooting the screen printer himself. This may give you some insight into why it’s so hard for us to get shirts printed. Both the PWG Logo Tee”s and the BOLA Tee”s are only $15. Also available this coming weekend will be the newly released PWG 2 Year Anniversary DVD”s! Buy them for $15 each, or together for $25! That”s a $5 savings, which could be used for a brand new t-shirt!

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla”s “Battle of Los Angeles – Night 1” takes place at the Hollywood-Los Feliz JCC on Saturday, September 3 at 7:00PM. “Battle of Los Angeles – Night 2” takes place at the Hollywood-Los Feliz JCC on Saturday, September 4 at 5:00PM. The Hollywood-Los Feliz JCC is located at 1110 Bates Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90029. Tickets are $20 for each night, or can be purchased for both nights for only $30, and will be available at the door. For more information, please visit or email