Ramblings from Doron

As I sit here typing this column, it appears to be 12:40 A.M. Friday morning. I have had a hectic week. Work is taking its toll on me. I need to work a minimum number of hours a week in order to keep my health coverage. So if you have insurance through your parents, be glad and count your lucky stars. I recently turned 21, so what the fuck is the big deal about it? If I wanted to drink then I could have a long time ago. My Friday nights are spent reading up a storm (my passion other that wrestling) and doing crossword puzzles. Wrestling has been quite interesting for the past few weeks. ECW is “back” and have formed an alliance with WCW. I for one marked out big time when this all unfolded before my eyes. Time will tell if this works or if it was a waste of time. One thing before I move on, how can Vince expect some fans to embrace WCW when they(and yes me) were told that WCW were the legit enemies for all those years? Have the WCW guys merge with ECW and relaunch ECW, this is all wishful thinking on my part.

I was at Rapture and was impressed with everything except the Supreme incident. XPW was at fault for this tragic happening and should make reparations to Lester.

Sooner or later I will be at a Rev Pro show, I can delay no longer. I have nothing but positives about this fed, it’s time to see for myself. I am sure I will not be let down. It’s sad news that Terry Gordy passed away, he was a key factor in the boom of wrestling overseas, and even here. RIP friend, you left us too soon.

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