Steve’s View #15

Wow! The final match to Revolution Pro’s Spirit of the Revolution Tournament was incredible. I seriously doubt another match this year will equal it. Hopefully both Super Dragon and Rising Son have proved their critics wrong.

XPW has announced at their August 18th show they will have a tournament for the new XPW World Television Title. In my opinion XPW doesn’t really need another title right now. They allready have two and they aren’t doing that great a job with those. Still, hopefully this will draw some fans to the Olympic and maybe we will get to see some matches we normally wouldn’t get to see.

MPW is looking to be a pretty good show. The hype for Super Dragon / Low-Ki is starting to build, but I think the sleeper hit of the night will be Cinncinati Red / Chris Chetti. Red doesn’t get nearly enough credit. I think he and Chetti will suprise a lot of people.

Don’t forget Revolution Pro’s Fan Fest is this Saturday. The main event for the post-fan fest show looks awesome. Super Dragon / Rising Son / Disco Machine vs. B-Boy / Funky Billy Kim / Chillango with TARO.

That about wraps it up for this time. I know its kind of short but I don’t have much to say. Next week I should have a Tobita update and some more stuff. Don’t forget to buy a shirt and check out the Events and Results forum for all the latest cards and results.


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