Steve’s View #14

I’m going to talk about XPW. No, not the Supreme situation. Enough has been said about that for now. This is a tale of two titles.

Messiah won the the XPW title on May 26th. Last Saturday Jason Allgood won the Revolution Pro title. Lets compare both titles and title changes.

Both titles previous champions had long reigns with the title. Sabu over a year and Matt Sinister almost eight months. Both federations built their titles up over that time. XPW had its title defended all over the world and Sabu had title defenses against some of the biggest names in wrestling like Terry Funk, Chris Candido, and Abdulah the Butcher. Revoultion Pro constantly reminded us that its title was the most defended title in SoCal. Matt Sinister defended it almost weekly. Both federations did a great job of making their title mean something. And when the title means something it makes a title change special and adds to the overall story of that federation.

Now here is where XPW went wrong and Rev Pro did right. First, The Messiah did not beat Sabu for the title. That right there alone destroys some credibility of the title. The XPW title has a history of being won without the previous champion being beaten, and all The Messiah’s title win did was solidify that history. In Revolution Pro Jason Allgood defeated Matt Sinister in the ring.

Another thing, and maybe even a more important thing Revolution Pro did that XPW did not was the post win celebration. When Messiah won there was no celebration. Nothing that showed what the title win meant. Sure, the faces went out there and beatdown the Black Army. New Jack did his jump from the upper level of the Grand Olympic. Vampiro and ICP stole the belts. Still, Messiah should have at least had some sort of celebration on XPW TV the next week. When Jason Allgood won Super Dragon, Rising Son, and King Faviano came to the ring to congatulate him. Faviano cut a promo about Allgood’s win. Allgood was allowed to cut a promo. Everyone in the building got the feeling that the Revolution Pro title was a big deal and it meant something.

At Rapture XPW did a little to help Messiah regain some credibility back to the belt by having him pin Sabu. Still when you look at the title history it wont show The Messiah’s first defense, only how he won it. It is going to take a lot for XPW to build that title back up to where it was on May 25th.

Supreme should be released from the hospital this afternoon. Hopefully he will make a full recovery and we will see him in the ring again before too long.

XPW’s next show will be thier 2nd Anniversary show, and will take place on August 18th. Tickets will go on sale July 16th at 10:00 am.

I’d like to say it kind of feels good having ECW back, even if it is only in WWF storylines.

Curry Man (Chris Daniels) will begin a tour with Michinoku Pro July 19th and it will last untill late August. Also Mike Modest and Donovan Morgan are working a tour with Pro Wrestling NOAH that ends on July 27th in Tokyo with the big Nippon Budokan rally.

That about wraps it up for this time. Don’t forget to buy a shirt and check out the Events and Results forum for all the latest cards and results.


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