Supreme Disgust

This pain in my stomach
Won’t go away
I assume this is punishment
For the mistakes I’ve made

In a world where my actions
Speak louder than words

I know more people than ever before
One lesson I’ve learned from it all
Fortune and fame are disguised as your friend
Cause I’m lonelier now than I’ve ever been

– Limp Bizkit, “A Lesson Learned”

As I watched EMTs wheel Supreme out of the Grand Olympic Auditorium, I felt disgusted. I wanted to scream at XPW. I wanted to tell them what they just did. I wanted to scream at the fans as they shouted obscenities and jokes like “I smell bacon.” Do they know the meaning of basic fucking humanity?

I’m not a fan of Supreme. I have never been a fan of his. To tell you the truth, I don’t particularly like his matches. This does not take away from the fact that he is a human being. What happened to him last night was horrific. What disturbs me about the situation is how poorly it was handled. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that when you have a potentially dangerous stunt, you need the proper medical and fire authorities present. XPW security does not count as the proper medical and fire authorities.

XPW got lazy. All these deathmatches with no major injuries made them feel invincible. Invincible enough to use charcoal fluid instead of standard lighter fluid? Invincible enough to have one fire extinguisher available? Invincible enough to use it to save your precious little ring instead of a burning human being?

XPW should apologize to Supreme for their errors. They should not try to justify it to the fans. There is no excuse for their laziness.

As for the fans, that’s a separate bone to pick.

Many fans showed respect for Supreme. I thank those fans for having class and realizing that he was a human being doing his job. To the group of rude pricks who decided to say “I smell bacon” and “that’s a good way to burn fat,” I give a big FUCK YOU. You pieces of shit have no idea what humanity is. I hope you burn, so I can stand over your flaming bodies and ridicule you. Fuck you.

Now that this tirade is over, I do want to say one thing. As someone training to enter the world of professional wrestling, I see Supreme as a person who went through everything I am going through now. It is hard to see that happen and not think “that could be me. That could be one of my friends.” It scares me.

Maybe wrestling has gone too far. XPW needs to look at this incident as a lesson to learn. They need to think about the stunts they plan. They need to be safe. We don’t need another incident like this.