SUICIDE KID – The Story of Mikey Henderson

The Story of Mikey Henderson

A feature length documentary film on the life and career of 20 year old indy wrestler Mikey Henderson has it’s world premiere on July 16, 2001 at Beverly Hills venue of the New York International Independent FIlm and Video Festival. In September, it will have it’s New York premiere at the same festival. The movie is a co-production between Roosevelt Building Productions and Westwater/Weiss Films, and is produced by Brady Westwater and Steve Weiss. It was directed, photographed and edited by G. O. Parsons. It is the 18 year old Parsons’ first feature length film.

Three weeks ago, a very rough edit of the film was sent to 20 film festivals — all of whose submission deadlines had long past — to get a preliminary response to the project. Within two weeks, 12 of the festivals had looked at the film– even though it was submitted up to three months past their deadlines — and all 12 of them immediately accepted the film for their festivals.

Appearing in the film with Henderson are wrestlers Mike Modest, Rob Van Dam, Brian Owens, the Hardkore Kidd, Los Cubanitos, Samoa Joe, Frankie Kazarian, Krazy K. C. and many others. Also featured are promoters Jesse Hernandez who initially trained Henderson at the Empire Wrestling Federation, Rick Bassman of the UPW and the APW’s Roland Alexander, of BEYOND THE MAT fame.


‘THE SUICIDE KID – The Story of Mikey Henderson’ is about a 20 year old professional wrestler who is also pursuing a career as an actor.

But the real story is the forensic autopsy of Mikey’s childhood, his being raised by a single father after his mother left when he was eight years old. He first had sex with a woman at the age of eight, had his first, serious long term relationship at twelve and had his first son at fifteen. He first worked out with professional wrestlers at the age of eleven and won his first professional title at the age of fifteen.

He was also near his full height of five eight by the age of twelve and then stopped growing (though he now weighs 215 pounds of solid muscle); but despite this lack of height, he is on the verge of a major wrestling career (due to his wrestling skills, superb mike skills and Tom Cruise looks) and starring in a two major feature films.

Henderson is also available for bookings around the country and the world in conjunction with his promoting the film.

‘The Suicide Kid – The Story of Mikey Henderson’ premiere will be on Monday, July 16th, 2001 from 6 – 8 PM at:

The New York International Independent Film and Video Festival
The Clarity Theatre
100 N. Crescent Drive
Beverly Hills

For ticket reservations call 1-800-522-2891 Tickets $10 Only a very limited number of tickets are still available.

For further information about the film or Mikey Henderson, contact Brady Westwater or Steve Weiss at 213-622-1277 or 310-344-7753.

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