Steve’s View #10

The Spirit of Revolution Stage 3 was hot. Literally. It was like an oven inside the Indoor Swap Meet.

Now that the tournament is half over, Mr. Excitement is all but assured of a spot in the finals. All he needs is a win this Saturday vs. Shogun.

What was up with the double countout 28 minutes into the Excalibur vs. Mr. Excitement match? After 28 minutes, might as well go the extra 2. I somehow doubt it was booked that way, I think a ref had something to do with it.


XPW has yet to announce any matches for it’s July 7th show but it looks like Sabu vs. Vampiro might be on the card. Unless of course the buildup for a Sabu vs. Vampiro match is just for their announced match at the ICP Fan Gathering in Toledo, Ohio.

Speaking of Sabu, he and a few other SoCal regulars have been competing in Mexico’s XLAW promotion recently. Here are some results from the June 14th XLAW show in Aguascalientes, Mexico:

Damien 666 beat Sabu via countout (this match was promoted as an XPW title match, but no title was defended).

El Depredador and Mosco De La Merced defeated Rey Misterio and Halloween in a Ladder Match to win the XLAW Tag Team Titles.

Super Crazy beat Nicho El Millonario and NOSAWA in a Triangle Match.

What is the deal with UPW? They have by what all accounts is a terrible show. So they bring back the exact same guys as last show. And then to top it off last show they had Super Dragon go up against Juventud, who just mailed one in and caused Super Dragon to have one of his worst matches in some time. So they take another very talented wrestler in B-Boy and him go up against the now lazy Juvi. Is UPW that big of marks for big names? Why not let B-Boy impress against people who will show up to wrestle instead of Juvi?

I would like to once again congratulate Keji Sakoda and Samoa Joe on winning the NWA Intercontinental Tag Titles. Hopefully this will lead to a trip back to Japan really soon.

If you haven’t already head over to Krane and TsN are adding lots of new stuff and have promised updates every other day.

In other news about some guys who make regular appearances in SoCal, Stampede Wrestling has announced their Mid Summer’s Nightmare Tour on June 21st. Two of the matches on the card are:

Calgary vs. California
Lance Storm vs. Christopher Daniels

North American Heavyweight Championship
Bruce Hart (c) vs. “The Natural One” Mike Modest

Check back here in an upcoming Steve’s View for results.

The drive to get Tobita to SoCal is going very well. We have even received word that Survival Tobita himself has heard of our plight. I will keep you up to date on Tobita information as I get it.

Last but not least, BJ Darden.

Damn, I’m glad you set it off. For the most part I have kept quiet about you and all the lies and shit you have pulled that I have heard about. Your reputation has spoken for itself and your bullshit has got you blackballed from every legit federation in SoCal. I haven’t had to say a word. Then you threaten me? You challenge me to a fight?

I thought you were an OK guy when you were in CCW. I, like everyone else knew you were full of shit, but you were nice. When talk of your past and all the people you fucked over came up, I was one of the people saying that maybe you turned over a new leaf, maybe you changed.

You hadn’t.

Word got out about your plan to fuck over CCW, you were let go. Then you tried moving on like some sort of virus all over SoCal. UIWA, UPW lite shows, anywhere you could. But they quickly learned of you.

You went around telling people about your connections that you supposedly have. That you are a former WCW Cruiserwweight Champion, how you beat Juventud Gurrero in Mexico for that title. How you were a scout for WCW, after it was already purchased by the WWF. How you won the NWA tag team titles. How you claimed you wrestled for Shawn Michael’s TWA one weekend, despite the fact that results can easily be looked up on the internet.

Those were all lies, for the most part harmless.

What about you ripping off some mentally handicapped kid in the name of CCW, telling him how you can make him a pro-wrestler? What about going on the radio in Northern California telling people how you represent UPW? How about the show you tried running advertising tons of WWF superstars and the WWF shut you down? What about the money you owed Ken Timbs and the lawsuit he filed against you? How about taking another wrestlers name and running up credit?

There is so much more stuff also. The stuff with Joe Romano and Dimingo Castavez, but I don’t feel like typing all night long.

When I said you are a cancer on the SoCal scene I was wrong, you are a cancer on the entire human race.

You challenged me to a fight, I showed up, you didn’t. Guess that makes you the punk doesn’t it?

I don’t know what I said that got you all worked up originally, but it doesn’t really matter.

Now if you want to threaten lawsuits and any other of your stupid bullshit, go right ahead. It won’t get you anywhere. You see, I would actually have to say things that hurt your character and are untrue. I don’t think anything I have said will make anyone feel any lower about you then they already do, and it is all true. So good luck finding a lawyer to take your case.

Plus your money would be better spent hiring a defense lawyer for all the lawsuits and arrests.

Heres an idea, why don’t you stick to your backyard feds and wrestle your fellow untrained workers and stop pretending you matter? You are a running joke in SoCal, you are a fraud, and your poor untrained wrestling skills are a liability in the ring.

Now that I have gotten all that off my chest, don’t forget to buy a T-shirt.

-Steve (The Blade Killer)

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