The ever changing face of journalistic integrity

Writing for this site has been a tremendous honor that was bestowed upon me by Lonnie and I thank him for this. Writing weekly columns is a challenge that do not take for granted. I have been suffering from writer’s block as of late (being in college does not seem to help this). So if my columns seem less than average, then I do indeed apologize. Lately on this site there has been some humor posts making their ways in. I personally believe whole heartedly that our site has sacrificed our integrity in order to be humorous. If these posts are what you desire, then so be it. However, please do not misread this as me unable to grasp the concept of humor. Ask Aaron H, ask others and they will tell you that I am one of the funnier people they know. Enough about that, the humor posts are going to remain no matter what, I on the other hand will keep my posts under the same agendas as the past ones. So looks like MPW is shaping up to have a stacked card, Rev Pro is having another show. I can’t comment on their fed because I work Friday nights, however, I am anxious to attend some of their shows time permitting. XPW is the 26th and Rob Black is bringing in ICP and Vampiro. This is fantastic seeing that ICP have a huge following. Hopefully it will not be a one time deal. Most of us remember Hardcore Heaven ’97, enough said.

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