Steve’s View #4

Wow, only 3 days since my last View. I’m on a roll here!

This site is not here to expose the business. We are here to give our opinion and to sometimes give you a little bit of news, and most importantly promote the wrestling scene here in Southern California.

Someone told me of a person who will be making their XPW debut on the 26th. Like I said we are not here to expose the business so I won’t say who it is in case the rumor is true (and so I don’t look like a total fool if it is not :)). If this person does join XPW it will be one HUGE mistake.

XPW does not have a good image. Most wrestling reporters bag on them and thats where a lot of fans get their opinion from. People I have talked to who have never seen the product slam XPW. How can you slam something you haven’t seen? But the fact is they do. It will be hard for XPW to break that wall down and get those fans who are unwilling to try XPW because of something they read on a website or magazine.

If the rumor is true XPW will have made things 1,000 times worse for themselves. This person is maybe the single biggest joke on the wrestling websites, and is not the direction XPW should be taking. If this is true it can only turn out bad.

I know the hardcore XPW fans will defend it, saying “how it legitamizes XPW” or something to that effect. Thats fine. Not true, but fine. Its the thousands more people who will never try XPW because of the even bigger joke that will be made about the fed that matters.

If the rumor is false I’ll let everyone know after the show on the 26th.

I was going to put this in my last view but forgot, so here it is now:

Chris Kruger, Michael Shane, and Martin Styles are all looking for bookings in SoCal. All 3 were trained at Shawn Michael’s Wrestling Academy.

Chris Kruger has worked for Texas Wrestling Alliance (Jan ’00 – Dec ’00), WCW (Sept ’00 and Jan ’01). He was also working for ECW (Aug ’00 – Dec ’00) until they shutdown.

Michael Shane (he’s worked WWF, WCW, ECW, TWA, and FMW Japan)

Martin Syles (he’s worked with Taka and Funaki)

For more information and contact information check out their webpage.

Hope this is useful to someone.

I did some tweaking on the message board today. I didn’t like the way the old one looked and I think this one looks a little better.

This was posted by Zed on the SoCal UNCENSORED Message Board:

FMLL in El Monte, CA May 26th

Speaking of FMLL here is the info on the show. It will be at the outdoor venue of El Farallon in El Monte, CA. Show kicks off at 7:45 pm.

The card features: Mil Mascaras, Rey Misterio Sr., Tinieblas Jr., Felino, Lizmark Sr., Phantasma, Blue Panther, Hurican Ramirez Jr., Rey Bucanero, Misterioso, Perro Russo, Super Boy, and other local guys.

If anyone is going to this show and would like to send a review or results please do. It would be greatly appreciated. FMLL draws the biggest crowds in all of SoCal yet there is hardly ever any info about them on any of the three sites covering the area.

CCW has a show scheduled for June 30th. Here is the card so far:

June 30th, 2001 OCEANSIDE, CA
@ Beach Recreation Center
301 N. The Strand
Oceanside, CA 92054

Crayz challenges Wildthing Eric Studd in a Barbwire Ring Match for the CCW Hardcore Title.

TNT & Al Katrazz challenge B-Boy & Matrix for the CCW Tag Team Titles.

CCW Cruiserweight Champion Primetime Petterson will take on the returning SPANISH FLY!

Radiant Jason Redondo defends against a Special Mystery Opponent.

More information this week. For ticket information call (760) 435-5229 or (760) 758-3330

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