The Price of Being a Fan

Hello everyone and welcome back . I hope to see all of you at MPW on the 19th. Here is a quick plug before I get started this week. First, visit she’s a friend of mine and a very talented singer, pick up her album, you won’t regret it. Now, onto business. All of us have had the same individuals try to tell us on how “wrestling is fake” and “that stuff is for kids”. In this day and age us fans are looked down upon by some and quite frankly it fucking sucks. If someone wants to wear an ECW, REV PRO, WWF, WCW, XPW, CCW, or any other damn promotion’s t-shirt then they shouldn’t be stereotyped by the critics. I’ve had my fair share of individuals try to deter me from the sport (yes I said “sport”) I hold near and dear to my heart. Reasoning with these people is beyond difficult. We all have our opinions on which fed is the best and which ones are the worst. However, we are wrestling fans and need not attack each other, the media does that for us. So the next time! ! someone gives you shit, you have permission from Doron D to slap them like the bitch they are.

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