Stop Degrading the Sport I Love

Backyard wrestling is a topic I am very touchy on and I am going to go on a rant, so bare with me. Now I know this isn’t Socal related but it’s been a topic of interests lately on many message boards, and sadly in the media it’s been giving professional wrestling a bad name. First of all I fully support doing whatever it is that makes you happy, whether it be to cheat your way through life, being promiscuous or dedicating yourself to the Lord. Yet when your happiness makes a mockery out of something that makes me happy, that’s where I draw the line. It’s the recent strings of backyard wrestling related accidents that have made wrestling such a bad thing to the media world. It’s the news stories where wrestling wannabes try to sound like their cool that has turned wrestling into a joke. It’s the “Juggaloes” going on-line bragging how “hardcore” they are beating up their friend with barbed wire baseball bats in front of maybe ten people that makes me disgusted. Seriously I don’t care what you backyarders do, whether it’s killing each other or crippling yourselves, that’s your prerogative. But you can NOT call your sport a legitimate sport, and don’t even try.

Sadly the “Juggalo” life has become somewhat popular. The news has shown video clips of backyard wrestling feds all over the nation, ads for backyard wrestling videos and websites are actually in some major wrestling magazines like WOW and PWI, and at a recent XPW event I was actually handed a backyard wrestling flyer. Backyard wrestlers sometimes called “Juggaloes” claim that they should not be criticized for their actions because what they are doing is as legitimate a sport as wrestling. Well simply put, it’s because backyard wrestling is NOT a legitimate sport. It can not even be considered on the same level as arena football and the WNBA (boy I can hear the boos now). What backyard wrestling is, is just a bunch of boys getting together for a rumble in which they want to see who can bleed and hurt the most. And really there is nothing wrong with that. I remember when I was twelve and my friends and I would hold ultimate fighting tournaments every Saturday. But we never considered what we did as a legitimate sport or that we were as good as the UFC fighters like Royce Gracie and Tank Abbott. What we were was just a bunch of kids messing around. Luckily no one got hurt except for a busted nose, but again we didn’t do piledrivers on trashcans or moonsaults off roofs. “Juggaloes” on the other hand think they are the “shit” because they pull off a move or a half that leaves their “friends” bruised, broken or worst.

Well sorry “Juggaloes” I don’t respect anyone whom thinks they are so cool by hurting others. If you guys think you are so “hardcore” than why don’t you use your “talent” in a way to really make ya famous? GO TO WRESTLING SCHOOL! There are a bunch of them all over the nation, many even here in SoCal. They aren’t that expensive and if ya think you really are that great, prove it by wrestling with the best. If you think that your hardcore then get out of the yard and get in a real ring. But if you want to just be a bunch of misfits who get hard ons beating on your friends, fine. But don’t ever consider yourself on par with the WRESTLING stars on TV or think you will ever be on that level. If you don’t want to show any respect to your own body at least show some respect to the men and women who make a living off of wrestling and entertain millions of fans.