Articles by SoCal Tom Walters

UPW Live! TV – October 20th, 2001

Doc Marllee and Big Schwag open the show. The on-screen graphics look better than the previous shows. Schwag admits the shows have had bad production. This weeks episode is called “The Story So Far” and is supposed to bring new…

UPW Live! TV – September 23rd, 2001

Well, I turn on KDOC at midnight hoping to see a better quality show, but then they show this. The production was even worse than last week, if that’s possible. There’s a tracking line at the top of the screen….

UPW Live! TV – September 16th, 2001

Doc Marlee and Big Schwag open the show. They don’t have faces for television. The audio is totally out of synch as well. Michael Modest vs Frankie Kazarian vs Tony Jones I really enjoyed the static static lines and choppy…