Epic Pro announces change to main event on Saturday

Epic Pro Wrestling has announced a new main event for their upcoming show, Sicker Than Your Average, on Saturday night in Cudahy, CA.

Originally scheduled to be Kidd Bandit vs. Peter Avalon, Juicy Finau will replace Avalon at Epic Pro’s event on Saturday. This will be Juicy’s debut match in Epic Pro Wrestling.

We’ve also been informed by Epic Pro management that the match will be a “Kawaii Deathmatch” after Bandit issued the challenge in a promo posted earlier today on social media.


Along with the Epic Pro Wrestling debut of Juicy Finau, the event is also scheduled to feature the Epic Pro Wrestling debuts of Danny Limelight, Lucas Riley, Fulgor, and The DKC (Dylan Kyle Cox), as well as first-time matches such as Cameron Gates vs. Adrian Quest, Big Dick Hoss vs. Michael Hopkins, and The Brothers Divine vs. DoomFly.

Here is the full lineup for the event:

  • Kawaii Deathmatch: Juicy Finau vs. Kidd Bandit
  • Super Astro Jr. vs. Fulgor
  • Danny Limelight vs. Lucas Riley
  • Brothers Divine vs. DoomFly
  • Ray Rosas vs. B-Boy
  • The DKC vs. Calder McColl
  • Cameron Gates vs. Adrian Quest
  • Big Dick Hoss vs. Michael Hopkins

The event will also feature a pre-show match before its scheduled 7:00 PM bell time at 6:45 PM. While no details have been announced, Epic Pro management has informed us that the match will feature students of Juicy Finau vs. students of B-Boy and Level Up Pro Wrestling.

Epic Pro Wrestling’s Sicker Than Your Average will be taking place on February 25, 2023, at the Bill Greene Sports Complex in Cudahy, CA. Tickets are available at sickerthanyouraverage.eventbrite.com. The promotion has announced fans who purchase front row tickets will receive free buttons with their purchase.

The event will also be available On-Demand on Fite+, the subscription service from Fite.TV that features promotions such as GCW and House of Glory.

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