WCWC returns with Like No Other on May 15 in Hemet

West Coast Wrestling Company is scheduled to hold their first show of 2022 on May 15 in Hemet. The event, titled Like No Other, will feature a 30-minute ironman match between Brandon Gatson and Ric Ellis in the main event.

Also scheduled for Like No Other are Manny Mars versus Richie Slade, Vito Fratteli versus Hunter Freeman, “El Primohenio” Trebeca taking on Hoss Hogg, and Eric Cross versus Johnny Saovi.

Like No Other will be taking place at the Wheelhouse in Hemet at 4:00 pm. Tickets are available for $20.00 general admission, and $30.00 for front row VIP.

Here is the promotion’s full press release on the event:

Hemet, CA – We at the West Coast Wrestling Company would like to thank each and every fan who helped make 2021 a memorable year.  Coming off the heels of the catastrophic effects from the COVID-19 pandemic, it seemed that independent wrestling was on life support.  To be honest, we didn’t know what to expect when promoting the first show last year, however we were blown away by the response.  Two things became clear to us that day: wrestling was NOT going away any time soon and the people of Hemet are hungry to witness a live show.  It is our privilege to continue to provide this avenue of entertainment to Hemet and all its surrounding communities within the Inland Empire as we present the first show of 2022, “Like None Other”!

Main Event:
West Coast Heavyweight Title Re-Match
30-Minute Iron Man Match
Brandon Gatson (champion) vs. Ric Ellis (challenger)

In what would become one of the fiercest rivalries in WCWC history, Ric Ellis made his wrestling comeback in 2021 with a HUGE win against Brandon Gatson to become the West Coast Heavyweight Champion for the second time. While the win wasn’t without its own controversy, Ellis would continue his momentum throughout 2021 as he successfully defended the championship multiple times utilizing the assistance of the much-despised manager of the AJency, AJ Wright and his stablemate Eric Cross.  It seemed almost certain that he would finish the 2021 season as the champion until Gatson and his friend and ally, the iconic SoCal Crazy, would go on to defeat The AJency in tag team action, with Gatson securing the pinfall over Ellis and earning himself another championship opportunity at WrestleWar: The 13th Anniversary.  During this match, WCWC Owner Adam Ginsberg stipulated that he and AJ Wright would be handcuffed together and Eric Cross banned from ringside in order to ensure a fair contest.  With The AJency neutralized, Gatson defeated Ellis to win his first West Coast Heavyweight Title!  Distraught after the loss, the former champ called out WCWC Owner Adam Ginsberg, blaming him for losing the title and escalating to a physical altercation with the boss.  When the rest of The AJency joined in on the assault, The Old Guard (Rudy Luna and Rockstar Cordova) and WCWC alumni “Krazy” Kyle Haystacks and Jameson Stafford made the save as Ellis, Cross, and Wright retreated.

In the following months, Ginsberg and Wright met to sign an agreement was meant to serve as an olive branch between the parties; however, not having noticed all of the fine print, Wright snuck a couple of things in.  The most noteworthy of those things was the immediate honoring of the former champion’s rematch clause!  Therefore, now for their final encounter, current champion Brandon Gatson will defend the title in a 30 Minute Iron Man Match against Ric Ellis.  Can Gatson prove once and for all that he is the superior wrestler?  Or will The AJency find a way to steal the championship one more time?

Wildcard Championship:
“The Pinoy Prince” Manny Mars (champion) vs. “The Eye Candy” Richie Slade (challenger)

At WrestleWar: The 13 Year Anniversary, we were witness to an incredible four-way match between Manny Mars, Vito Fratelli, Hunter Freeman, and Romeo Cruz.  These four absolutely tore each other apart for the opportunity to be crowned the new Wildcard Champion, presented personally by the first-ever Wildcard Champion, Jameson Stafford in his first appearance in the WCWC since his retirement match in 2010.  When the dust settled and the smoke cleared, it was Mars who would rise victorious as he resorted to using some hastily placed feet on the ropes to secure a pinfall over Cruz while Freeman and Fratelli traded blows.  Even going as far as to shove Stafford when being presented the title, Mars immediately established himself as a dastardly presence who will do anything to propel himself up the ranks.  At Like None Other on May 15th, Mars will have a tall order on his hands as he looks to defend the championship against “The Sunset Boulevard Bad Boy” Richie Slade.  Slade, who is no stranger to winning championships, has made this one a little more personal as of late, going as far as to claim that Mars’ “subjects” are afraid to tell him “just how stupid he looks” in his crown.  Is Slade seeking an early psychological edge over Mars?  It’ll be a battle of egos; and surely one of the biggest challenges of Mars’ career!

Singles Match:
“The Backwoods Brawler” Hunter Freeman vs. “The Sicilian Psychopath” Vito Fratelli

This was an easy one to sign!  After the four-way match for the Wildcard Title last September, it became highly obvious to all in attendance that a rivalry had been born as these two powerhouse brawlers went to full-blown fisticuffs, paying little mind to what was occurring in the ring as Manny Mars stole the pinfall over Romeo Cruz.  In the months since, both men lobbied WCWC Owner Adam Ginsberg for a chance to get at one another in a singles match.  Ginsberg, a man of the people, decided that this match belonged on the first show of 2022!  These two men clearly have a score to settle and this match has the potential to steal the show.  Fratelli has already claimed that this match will be “like none other” while Freeman has just simply posted on Twitter that he will beat Vito’s a–.  Expect no collar and elbow tie-ups in this one.  This one is going to be a pure FIGHT!

Singles Match:
“El Primohenio” Trebeca vs. “The Grizzled Outlaw” Hoss Hogg

It’s man vs mountain as “The First Born” looks to make his WCWC debut against the menacing Hoss Hogg!  On paper, this may seem like your run of the mill singles match, but the story runs a bit deeper.  Hogg actually had a hand in training Trebeca and breaking him into the wrestling business.  In the years since, Trebeca has made a name for himself as a talented performer.  Hogg has expressed that he feels his former pupil is ungrateful for the opportunities that he has been given and doesn’t show enough respect to the original gatekeepers of the socal scene.  Conversely, Trebeca has stated to us that he has the utmost respect for Hogg and anyone who had a part in his upbringing and believes that Hogg is still reeling from his two losses in WCWC in 2021.  Since the end of the 2021 season, however, Hogg has been on a tear, racking up dominant wins and reigniting a flame that many are coming to fear.  His lariat clothesline is becoming an immediate match-ender, and in order to have a chance at securing a HUGE win in his debut, Trebeca will have to avoid it at all costs.  Will Hogg collect another head with his lariat or will Trebeca kickstart the season with an incredible upset?

Singles Match:
Eric Cross vs. Johnny Saovi

The AJency will be represented once again as Eric Cross looks to squelch out a part of his past that he deems a “cancer”.  From 2008 to 2010, Cross and Saovi would battle side by side in the fabled tag wars of the WCWC.  Longtime friends and allies, they took to the road plying their trade together in any ring that would have them.  Tangling with the likes of The Young Bucks, Violence Unlimited, and The Suburban Commandos, they would eventually split, as they went their separate ways to chase their dreams in singles competition.  In the years since, Saovi has found success, winning championships in multiple states while Cross has struggled to maintain a consistent run.  Now having joined The AJency, Cross has been revealing a more greedy and sinister side of himself as he chases a dream that has for a long while eluded him… championship gold.  “Johnny, once my friend, represents a part of me that held me back for years” claims Cross.  “While you were off slapping hands and playing Zelda, seeing undeserved success… MY SUCCESS… and now I will erase you from my history, from my life.”  Saovi will be returning to WCWC for the first time since 2010, only this time he will be facing off against a former brother in what will prove to be an emotional rollercoaster.  What lies ahead for these two?  How far is Cross willing to go to free himself from what he perceives as his greatest weakness?  Will Saovi seek to rehabilitate his former tag team partner?  These questions will be answered on May 15th!

Special Attraction:
SoCal Crazy Appreciation Night!

The legendary SoCal Crazy will be on-hand to interact with the fans and friends that have been such an instrumental part of his life.  So many in our locker room and in the audience have been touched by this man’s performances.  As such, it will be our honor and privilege to host his presence for the evening.  Come on out and join us in thanking this iconic performer and friend to the wrestling business!

West Coast Wrestling Company’s “Like None Other” takes place Sunday, May 15th, at 4:00 PM at The Wheelhouse in Hemet, CA!

Tickets can be purchased by searching for us on EventBrite or in-person on the day of the event.  Ringside VIP tickets are $30 and include an autographed poster by the entire locker room.  General admission are $20.

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